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Sexual Misery of the Arab World

SundayReview The Sexual Misery of the Arab World Lire en français (Read in French) | اقرأ المقال بالعربية (Read in Arabic) Contributing Op-Ed Writer By KAMEL DAOUD FEB. 12, 2016 Eddie Lew 1 hour ago […]...More


Modern Physics and Myth – A Dream within a Dream

Grace Park - Honors Seminar - Spring 2003  When I discuss and argue with my father about evolution and the incompatibilities of biblical stories with science and reason, he worries about the arrogance of the human intelligence […]...More


Revere Reverence

You may feel reverence in a dream when you experience the presence of a great and  holy being, or when entering a church or celebrating mass. If so it suggests you are ready to feeling yourself open […]...More



The great cycles of birth and death, or mating and reproduction are to be seen everywhere, and spring from eternal powers. To approach the fount of these with reverence is not irrational. To seek deeper […]...More


Religious themes

If you dream of God, meeting or interacting with Jesus, Aphrodite, Krishna, Athena, Vishnu, Shiva, Allah, Ahura Mazda, Gaia, Quetzalcoatl, Zeus, Breged, Frigg, HaShem, Maat, Lakshmi, or Juno, you are certainly experiencing religious themes. But […]...More


The Eye of Dreams – Ch. 8

The Eye of Dreams Chapter Eight Secrets of Mind and Spirit   While working on this book I dreamt that I was walking through a large ruined building. Some walls were still standing and I […]...More


Exploring Inner Space

Chapters Exploring Inner Space The Dark Continent Made Light The Ways In EXPLORING INNER SPACE   Part One ‘I started doing Yoga some twelve years ago – from a book by Yesudian. I did it […]...More


An Old Fools Musings

The feelings are deepening and I begin to feel a response to the dream.  It is about the uncovering of something that was experienced a long time ago and there is a felt guilt about […]...More


The “Way” of the Dream

We should be able see in the light of these opposites in our behavior or emotions that there is a need for them to be brought to balance. In each life situation there is a […]...More



The following was an early statement for those interested in using the technique. Later for the book Liberating the Body it was called Inner Directed Movement, and is now known as LifeStream THE PRACTICE OF COEX Coex is […]...More


Authentic Self

There is a great deal being taught about being authentic, or finding and expressing your authentic self. But being authentic is very strange because it means you are accepting a huge paradox, but accepting it […]...More

ChangeI AM

Life Beyond Change and Pain

One of the great and often self defeating identifications is that with our body. If we accept that dreams portray in images our conception of self, then dreams suggest that our identity largely depends upon […]...More

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