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Dreams and imagination are a multifaceted way of sensing things. If you consider an early human being, prior to the emergence of complex speech and the ability to think in the abstract symbols we call […]...More


Going Beyond

While I was watching an episode of Star Trek – Enterprise, I had a powerful emotional reaction to it, one of wonder, curiosity and excitement. I cried out, “What the fuck does it all mean?” […]...More


Questions You Asked

Also there are questions asked by a Young Student - by my friend Chris Campbell, also Tony Interviewed by Maxine - and Tony’s questions answered in his book ‘Dreams and Dreaming‘ Questions Answered. But an Interview from a different standpoint by my friend Dina Glouber...More


Self Images

The image we have of our self in our dreams, shows the struggle we have with who we think we are. It is the way we try to gain identity. In this struggle, this adventure […]...More


Self Hypnosis

We are always hypnotising ourselves via the things we believe are true, and what we unconsciously tell ourselves. So, we are all victims or captives of what we believe in. We must all at times […]...More


Meditation – Lhag Thong

Its name is Sahaswara and it has a thousand petals. The way to it has been written about but is almost certainly misunderstood. Here is a quotation. “The attainment of transcendent insight is the real […]...More



When you think about a friend or a person you meet, you are only taking in your thoughts, impressions and feelings about them. So many people do not realise that they have an inner person […]...More


Self Help

This dictionary was designed to deal with self-help. It was built around thousands of people’s dreams used as search material defining meaning. But a great deal of research into dreams meanings was done by people […]...More


Naskapi Indian Dream Beliefs

‘Their inner centre is realised in exceptionally pure and unspoiled form by the Naskapi Indians, who still exist in the forests of the Labrador peninsula. These simple people are hunters who live in isolated family […]...More


Great Dreams That Guide Us

Great dreams usually only arise when we have tried our best to find out who we are, to cut through to the central YOU. This is a bit like the journey to the centre of […]...More


Dreams As Visions

Is it enough to dream without being aware of the dreams? Is it enough to love without giving that love? Is it enough to create without making it with your own hands? Is it enough to want a child without bearing it? ...More


Dimensions of Human Experience

Are You Multi-Dimensional Tony Crisp CONTENTS One/Two Dimension Experience The Three-Dimensional Experience The Fourth Dimension The Fifth Dimension The Great Paradox The Sixth Dimension The Archetypes The Gods – At Work The Seventh Dimension The […]...More

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