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Department Store Because such a large store can supply all your needs, from food, perfume, clothing to electrics, it is like a one stop shop. Why are you visiting the store – making choices or decisions, looking […] More Dreams Are The Alternative We Are Most Aware Of Dreams are the alternative level of mind most of us know best, and the main factors of this level are that you experience yourself in a full surround virtual reality. We are used to recognising […] More Drowning – Many Replies -Serena2015-12-11 2:44:38 I often have basically this same dream and don’t know why. I’m always in a car with some of my closest family or friends (usually family). For some reason we always get in […] More Draw Bridge See Drawbridge More Depend Dependent Depending Life’s age old unconscious processes are still the major part of our being, yet we seldom consciously meet them – except in dreams. As our physical and psychological health depend upon a reasonable co-operation between […] More Dynamite Explosive emotions or a threatening, explosive, situation. See: Bomb. Powerful pains or emotions, perhaps past experiences, that could explode into your waking life with destructive effects. This is probably linked with past trauma that if […] More
Dvd Recordplayer Cassette Computer-disc They indicate your internal process that can reproduce memories, recent or ancient. In doing so it can stimulate any emotions, loving or traumatic feelings that were part of the original experiences. This can occur in […] More Duvet Comforter Quilt Comfort, warmth or protection. There are links in dreams with romance or  sexuality. Some people use a duvet or comforter to withdraw when things feel depressing or unhappy. See: blanket. Example: Then, he took me […] More Dump Dumping See Avoid Being Victims – Emotions and Mood in Dreams – Emotions and Mood More Dressing This is an expression of daily routine that often seems like ordinary existence, and yet like everything else we do it is an expression of an immense past. It is largely a wave that carries […] More Dreaming You are Dreaming To dream that you are dreaming can mean a lack of attention to everyday affairs. It can also suggest you are only dreaming, only imagining, or that you haven’t woken up to something. But more […] More Dream Body There is something that almost everybody brings into their dreams – their image of their body. In dreams, our sense of self – our ego, our personality or identity – is depicted by our own […] More
Drama Dreams are actually the most dramatic and passionate experiences any of us have. The passion of dreams is not on show for the casual observer except in nightmares. Instead they are masked in the images […] More Drain This can represent the way of pouring out of your rubbish, difficult feelings, old spent emotions and the ‘washing up water’ – the way that you clean up your life. If  it is a big […] More Dispose Disposing As can be seen from the examples we can dispose of things that are dead in our life and of things I body needs to clear out. But we can also dispose or try to […] More Dislike What you dislike most in your dreams or in others is usually what you hate most in yourself; and so you refuse to see it in your own actions.. The problem is we cannot see […] More Disease See illness; illness and dreams More Disabled Being disabled in your dream, or meeting, or dealing with a disabled person or child, usually refers in some way to an aspect of yourself that has not developed its full potential. For instance your […] More
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