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Fit Fits Seeing or having a fit in a dream is usually an indication of releasing deep tensions often caused by fear or not being able to meet deep or powerful emotions or stress. In life and […] More Fridge See Refrigerator More Function of Dreaming 1 –      An expression of what is happening in the physical body. Some doctors consider dreams to show signs of illness long before they are evident in other ways. Women frequently know they […] More Future Humans frequently correctly predict the future – not out of a bizarre ability, but from the information gathered about the present.  Or we fear the future, or at least our thoughts and worries of what […] More Funfair The fantasy or make-believe world you can enter to distract your attention from everyday life. It could also suggest a practice run at living or taking risks. Going on a ride might indicate getting involved […] More Frequency of dreams See Science of dreams More
Fountain The process of life; flow of consciousness into awareness; joy of collective life. A fountain of joy opened in my body, pouring upwards through me. A symbol of emotions and of the unconscious-water-and combined with […] More Foundations What is fundamental in us is often so deeply buried we are unaware of it. For instance babies raised by animals never learn to speak or to become self aware. They remain an animal with […] More Fork If this is a garden fork, it indicates your activity to change yourself, or your situation in some way. For instance when you dig a garden or fork it over you are working on it […] More Forgery In some way you are either not being honest with yourself or others, or are being deceived in some way. If you are involved in a deal of some sort, look carefully at what is […] More Forest Our natural feelings; the self we are underneath what we express through our needs for social and physical survival; the magical world of the unconscious, full as it is of strange forces, primeval creatures and […] More Foreigner Usually this shows you an aspect of your personality or skill that you were previously unaware of. Perhaps it was repressed or hidden and so now feels foreign or new. It is usually good to […] More
Foreign Countries Different attitude; different mental or emotional ‘climate’ than one’s norm; sometimes represents meeting an aspect of oneself that was previously unconscious, so unknown or foreign; the unfamiliar a challenge. One’s personal associations or ideas about […] More Force Forcing We can have the force of imagination, the internal forces, an alien force, a motivating force, a force in the world, a massive force of positive change, natural forces that create us, a restrictive force, […] More Ford A practical way through emotions. What you are crossing here is a river, and a river is a flow of energy, usually referring to emotions or spontaneous urges. So the ease or difficulty with which […] More Football In some football games there is real prizes, money, but in many there is the sense of success or feeling of defeat, so dreaming of football can indicate these. But in dreams, football is often […] More Fool See archetype of the fool-clown-trickster. More Flow – Up and Down Down flow and up flow are often shown in dreams when people are working on improving their inner life. There are two flows of energy in out being; the upflow is released potential from our […] More
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