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Corn Wheat

Whether this is corn on the cob or wheat, it probably links with a harvest, a reward from work done. It also suggests fertility, nourishment and a sense of fullness. In some dreams it may represent sustenance or strength in times of need or trial. Occasionally wordplay for corny.

The seeds of corn also have the power of life and growth in them unless they have been processed, as happens with white rice and white flour, which is thus rendered ‘dead’. They can thus indicate your potential for personal growth, but this usually links with a power within yourself, the power of Life itself, that has the ability to move you and unfold your potential. This inner activity links your independent life with the whole.

The maize cob sometimes has a similar meaning – the many connected with the One – because of the way the kernels crowd on the cob. It also depicts fertility and plenty, and in some dreams the penis ready to impregnate.

Not eating the corn, or walking through the area in which corn grows, can suggest that you are not yet able to, or ready to, harvest or integrate, the potential and inner riches that are there for you.

Corn husk suggests either that you have got the richness from the corn already, or that there is nothing left for you, so emptiness.

Grinding corn shows you getting at the essence of what you have harvested of experience over the years of this life and others.

In some ancient rituals spiritual death and rebirth were linked with corn. This because in planting it for a new harvest it was buried and died to its old form. In dying in this way the initiate was able to experience the power of Life or God, out of which their life had originally sprung. Planting corn might therefore either indicate your potential being released, or the conception of a baby or new phase of your life.

Example: During a major operation I dreamt I saw my little daughter – dead for many years – standing in a corn field. When she was actually buried the cemetery was skirted by a corn field, and later in life, coming to terms with this early death of a child, I imagined my daughter walking into the corn field. In the dream I walked into the corn field. My daughter was waiting for me with her arms held up. I put my arms to her and we greeted each other smiling. At that point I felt it wasn’t time to die yet, turned and walked out of the corn field. Ken Sprague.

Ken recovered from a serious illness and lived for several more years.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Is there any indication in my dream of harvesting or gathering – if so what am I gaining the benefits of at the moment, or what is coming into my life from past efforts?

Am I aware of an influence in my life that is like an inner growth from my core?

Do I feel as if I am facing or experiencing a spiritual death as an old self dies?

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-Hannah 2013-08-23 4:48:45

When i was 7 i had this dream about really tall old buildings that had no life form anywhere insight and everything was covered in vines and grass but it was like im floating i could see everything around but on the buildings and ground it looked as if thier was a giant corn still in the stalk but when it opened there was a baby inside… Ive tried talking about this no one understands had the same 1 again two months ago and its starting to confuse me a little bit


    -Tony Crisp 2013-08-23 7:30:02

    Hannah – I wish I knew how old you are.

    But the dream is obviously about the natural forces of Life within you. We tend to think that we are somehow separate and individual from the life that continues to keep you heart beating and you to exist. But of course we are all a part of it.

    Your dream is also about fertility and shows that if you wanted your fertility would bring forth a baby. In fact that baby is held within your soul.



-beth flores 2013-08-24 8:09:44

last night i had this dream about a man and a kid carrying a corn plant w/ several fruit on it.then i ask him where did he get it. the man told me that there are lots of corn plant in that area.just wondering bout the meaning of this dream.


    -Tony Crisp 2013-08-25 12:14:36

    Beth – The corn plant is an ancient symbol of life and fertility. To be told there are many there is like saying, “Go there and be well and experience the flowing of Life in you.”

    The child is the part of you nearest to the Divine.



      -Kurtis Maharajh 2013-09-23 2:19:15

      I dreamt I was getting in trouble for watching anime then the same person who was scolding me began enjoying it with me. Then as I begin walking home on the sides of the road there is loads of ears of corn either green or golden brown. So I go to my mothers house and she says she wants corn and I think someone even told me to go to her house and plant some corn so I began preping her gardens for growing corn as I began watering where I had preped I then woke up.
      What could all of this mean?


-Jenny 2013-10-04 20:17:54

Last night as I was trying to fall asleep, I saw a quick vision. As I closed my eyes, I saw my nine month old baby walking into a corn field. Then I quickly opened my eyes and thought about what I had just saw.


-Kate 2013-11-03 19:23:33

Last night I dreamt I was using corn husk to heal my knee. I applied them to my knee, which in real life has been diagnosed with a tear and arthritis and I have been laid up for almost a year. I didn’t have a match to light just part of one. It felt like I was being told to heal w/ the husk, but I didn’t know exactly how. I was going to my parents home/apt. Something about using seaweed to heal as well.


-Teagan 2013-11-07 9:42:08

My mother told me about a dream she had last night.
She saw a group of young boys, around the age of 10 years old, they were talking and eating corn off the cob. One of the boys could not breathe properly, but could talk perfectly fine. My mother in the dream attempted to help him by calming him down and calling emergency services. She also noticed the corn had some blood on it. The dream then changed to something completely different.


-Shelly wright 2014-05-01 19:24:22

Last night I had a dream I was shucking corn and taking it off the cob. Also, In the dream my wealthy dead grandmother was talking to me saying she was surprised at how good I was doing because my mother told her I was not. I said to her mother has never had anything good about my progressing in life. The corn I was shucking was in good condition except for the last piece. I passed it to the area that it needed to go. Then suddenly, As I took the last piece of corn off cob it was rotton in the core and bloody. The only thing I can think is I have been upset about a person who did some grimy (not nice)things to me and mislead me. I was upset because I thought why would they do that to me without cause. I pray a lot and God has been blessing me.
Cab you explain this?


-Shelly Wright 2014-05-01 19:27:14

Also I am 47 and very spiritual raised with spiritual aunts and taught to pray. I have always had dreams since I was young as far back as 4 years I remember.


-Biff Carrington 2014-06-22 5:10:44

7hello… I just had a beautiful dream last night. It was sunny and beautiful I was sitting out Iin a field like at a small personal picnic table which thent turns out to be somewhat of a outdoor resteraunt. Im being served by a waiter different things I really cant remember but one thing I do remember was being served raw corn with the husk from a silver platter with the lid. The corn was placed in front of me and I knew it was strange but I picked up my knife and fork and ate the corn cutting through the husk and whole corn and surprisingly enjoying it while at the same time knowing its not common to eat corn this way. As I said it was a beautiful day with trees all around what does this dream mean?


    -Tony Crisp 2014-06-22 10:26:40

    Biff – As you say, a beautiful dream.

    I am someone who has loved to look into the river of dreams from people all over the world – to see the tragedy and wonder of human life calling out to me to tell their stories. And I can only catch glimpses of the lives calling out to me. So I will try to capture something of the wonder your dreams tells.

    The sun and the beauty of the day is an indication that you are someone who has managed to find peace and sustenance where others have found only hunger or pain in living. I believe it shows you as a person who has found their way through difficulties to understanding. I do not think you were born to the state you find yourself in.

    The personal picnic is something you created yourself and you get pleasure and nourishment from simply living. But of course although you created it, it is not yours alone, for you create with the things life has provided, the sunshine and the life that created what you eat. But something is growing in you – the realisation that what you have can be shared with others – the restaurant where many can eat of the food.

    Then the waiter – well, it is in the humble role of a servant, a servant of life that is not trying to be a lord or master but a servant to you. They are offering love – in silver platter – because you are calling love out of living your life. Also they are not serving you up something that is not whole or messed about by human standards, but something that is full of life. The whole corn is considered to be a sacred object.

    You are born or live in the USA, and so without realising it you have the heritage of the whole land within you in your dreams. It is the memory of the land and all who lived in it, and from that you have the wisdom of the ancestral memories in you. And you have been offered so much in being given corn. You are offered life and the ability or opportunity to care for it. For corn is something that is like a child when a seed is planted in a woman’s womb, it needs care in caring for it, and when it appears above the earth/birth it must be protected until it is strong.

    So you have been given so much – the contact with the ancestral memories, the opportunity to share your sustenance/yourself with others, as well as to care for what grows within you. Please see http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/lifes-little-secrets/ and http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/practical-techniques-for-understanding-your-dreams/



-Ella 2014-06-24 8:27:40

I had last night this dream, never been so clear like now and in vibrant colors.
I was climbing the road to my granny house, which no longer lives. I saw near to her fence a large pile of golden beautiful corn and i looked inside the yard, where i saw my mother waiting. I called her and she looked happy to see me.My mother passed away on last Christmas. That was the house which she adored. I keep dreaming her into that yard and house. then she took me into the yard and we planned to take into a sack the corn and put it inside the yard into better location. The corn transformed then into plums which i took them inside my sack, planning to make a gem of it….then my mom dissapeared….


    -Tony Crisp 2014-06-26 8:43:33

    Ella – your dream is certainly about your mothers influence in your life now, even though she is dead.

    Taking the corn into the house means that you are fertile and will a make gem of a child – a beauty. The sack represents your womb which is fruitful. For life and your mother has blessed you.



      -Ella 2014-06-30 12:41:11

      Thank you indeed Tony! IExtremely true, you’re words vibes still in my mind. My mother lives inside my dreams listening to my ardent wishes. she was my all.
      Thank you from my heart!


      -Ella 2015-01-04 9:27:17

      Hi Tony!3 months pregnant now…wow!Happy New Year!


-Ella 2014-06-24 10:21:25

Hi!Please,what can mean all this dream?i indeed wish for a baby.


-Ella 2014-07-02 6:37:00

Hello Tony! This corn is still present in my dreams..

I was in a new house on a porch, telling myself that it’s my new home though I do not know it.
sitting on the porch I was watching a beautiful hill on the morning sun at sunrise …. full with beautifull rows of young green corn stretched over the hill, surrounded by a forest.
I was planning to wet the corn to help it grouth faster…


-lbm 2014-10-06 21:47:43

my dream was of my mother (who passed away several years ago) drowning in a huge vat of dark water filled with ears of corn, some with husks on them, some without. I was trying to get to her as she was going under, the ears were bobbing up and down in the water, knocking up against me and I was throwing them out of the vat and pushing them out of the way trying to get to her. I don’t know if I got to her though. I always have very vivid dreams and dream in colors, sometimes I even experience the ‘sensation’ of smell in my dreams. i’m going through a lot of turmoil with my adult children right now and am not sure if this is connected or not or what it means.


-trish 2015-01-26 12:20:48

hello i am trish from Nepal.I am a hindu lady.last night i dreamt about a beard man handing lots of green baby corns n green bananas outside my main door.i am trying to get pregnant with baby girl.what does it mean?


-Amanda 2015-03-24 12:13:11

I dreamt last night I was at home in my house with many friends and family and my mother now deceased three months ago was also there. Everyone was inside enjoying themselves in a party then my sister arrived at the celebration. I went outside into the yard and my sister had planted rows and rows of corn around the house and there was also rows of plowed land ready to be planted. All of the plants had corn ripe and ready to be picked except one plant which had a withered looking corn hanging on to it. I returned into the house where everyone else was and told them of the great feat my sister had accomplished while we were inside at the party. I thought to myself this is a very strange dream because before my mother died she wanted me to plant some corn for her which I did one week before she died. The crop has since grown and was harvested but why should I dream corn?


-Martin Tshuma 2015-06-11 21:15:30

Please may I have Dreams interpreatation guide.


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