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Interpreting Dreams

Dreams images are like icons on a computer screen – you have to ‘click’ on your dream images to make them come alive. Thinking about them doesn’t work. You need to open yourself to the magic of them.

To make them into the wonderful gateways they are one has learn certain skills. Apart from dreams being the greatest school, the finest source of education in the process of life, there is the possibility of change. I went on the interior journey because my life wasn’t worth living the way it was. In the world beneath what is normally apparent to us, there are embodiments of your past, of your pains and your wonder. These embodiments confront you, and in meeting them you are transformed. The great myths of the past tell us of these meetings. They describe some of the adventures. But your journey is nevertheless unique.

My aim here is to show you how to understand your dreams and so meet the different aspects of YOU. So as an interpreter one’s emotions need to be alive and responsive; one’s mind needs to be open to the new, the VERY new that your dreams present you with; also the dimensions of you. To really be able to interpret dream you have to be able to personally meet and deal with every aspect of dreaming. That means meeting the horrors that most people wake up in terror of – the snakes, carnivores, the living dead, zombies, the devil and ghosts and also the high ground – meeting death and God face to face. For all these are presented in dreams and if you are not acquainted with them – not just intellectually – you cannot be of real help.

You have to have get hold of a Life Current that will carry you – perhaps into the unknown. Meeting the unknown is the adventure of Life itself. In the US they have great respect for the soldiers who fought – but I feel that anyone who meets the unknown is a Veteran too of many battles won. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/meeting-the-unknown/


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