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Seduction Seductress Seduce

Sexual desires; sexual drives that have not been matured into satisfactory expression in relationship with a real person; sexual longings unattached to present partner; fantasy of being loved.

Because many men find breasts and bare thighs a sexual turn on, any wearing of short skirts or low cut dresses can be seen as a form of seduction in dreams it life.

Folklore said that Succubi took the form of beautiful women and seduced men, whereas incubi took the form of handsome men and seduced women. Although sterile themselves, incubi could supposedly impregnate women with seed taken by succubi from men-a belief that was sometimes used to explain pregnancies resulting from secret affairs. This type of explanation not only absolved women from charges of licentiousness, but, because the sperm was taken from men, it also saved the child from being slain as an offspring of a demon.

Carl Jung found that men and women may dream of being seduced by an intriguing man/woman and the dreamer – who are actually dealing with her/his repressed or ignored male/female side of themselves – has to decide whether he or she is being overcome, swallowed and possessed by these unintegrated aspects of themselves or can she or he find a way of integrating these missing aspects.

But stated seduction can be used as an excuse, as in the following example.

Example:  Amazingly, it was at that time that my father, who I had never confronted with any of this, told my sister that he was sorry for some things of a sexual nature that he had done to me as a child. It seems the universe rose to meet me.  When she told me this, my heart sank, but also my spirit was relieved, for at least I was now certain that what I thought had happened had indeed taken place, and I could begin in earnest to process all this without as much disbelief and doubt.  He has since recanted, saying that he didn’t mean what he had said and that it was me, who as a 3-year-old had somehow seduced him. And not surprisingly, my family chooses to believe him.  My mother supports him too.

Example: all my sexual dreams that culminate in orgasm are lucid. The orgasms are quick, intense, full-body sensations and very pleasurable. The “Kundalini” – life energy – begins to rise and I just go with the flow, sometimes with a partner whom I conjure up, sometimes with nobody. Sometimes I look around in the dream for some unsuspecting male whom I approach and seduce. Quoted from Sexual Dreams by Gayle Delaney

Example: Quite a few of the undergraduate men dreamt of gladly being seduced by older sexy women. In fact, the fellow who dreamt of the bank team also dreamt of being seduced to the point of orgasm by his French teacher. One fellow dreamt of “being the willing subject of fellatio to the point of orgasm by a suitably beautiful older woman. The older women in these men’s dreams are not coercive, or even pushy. They are seductive, they may take the initiative, and they are skilled and very erotically motivated. Quoted from Sexual Dreams by Gayle Delaney

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