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Stairs Staircase

As a baby, stairs presented a huge challenge. To deal with them we had to develop several major abilities, such as steady balance, confidence, control of fear of falling, strength of purpose. Therefore, stairs represent many feelings in connection with achievement, failure, climbing and falling. When these feelings also connect with work, relationship, social standing or sex, then we use stairs as a symbol of what we are feeling.

Taking steps toward something; going up or down in life in your own estimation; moving from one environment to another, so a shift in some way; gaining a new skill, or facing a challenge – stairs are difficult and dangerous when we are children, and so probably remain as a symbol of challenge, danger and achievement in adulthood. Many dreams of climbing stairs include feelings of high anxiety. This is either to do with avoiding a danger at the foot of the stairs, or arriving at something threatening or dangerous at the top. But the difficult feelings might not be due to danger, but to finding or realising things that radically change the way you see yourself or the world. The following example illustrates this.

Example: We move into a house and nobody but myself has really taken any notice of the stairs. Nobody has been up. In one dream I try to go up but the children are scared for me. They plead, “don’t go up Mum, just forget them.” Then I wake. In the next dream I wait till they are asleep. Half way up I can see there is a glass roof, the wooden frames painted green. I am terrified but have to go on. Then I wake. Next dream I got up there. It smells very musty. Lots of draw sheets
covering things. See Nothing Can Hurt You in Your Dreams

Running up: Escaping from urges arising from lower down in the body – so a movement of attention towards the abstract or mental away from fears arising from unconscious or sexuality; lack of confidence, a fear of failing or not being capable is also a common feeling in connection with stairs; if running up with pleasure, then it suggests exuberance producing a change in your feelings and situation.

Walking down: Going down stairs, apart from a descent from a higher place, a more inclusive view, is also a controlled fall. This might suggest being in control of a changing situation.

Skimming down: This is a dream often experienced by children. It is almost like flying down the stairs, the feet just touching the edge of the stairs every so often, creating an exhilarating sense of pleasure. The reason for the dream is most likely that going down stairs as a young child is a difficult and dangerous skill. Most of us have fallen at some point. As we gain greater physical control and can run down stairs, a sense of greater achievement arises. Not only stairs, but other areas of our environment that were dangerous, are now a source of pleasure. The dream translates this feeling into the image of skimming the stairs.

Going up stairs: Again, this is about a change of situation or environment, but going up frequently depicts greater excitement, awareness or discovery of new experience.

Going up shows you leaving the everyday, ground level or ordinary world of experience.

So it can be an escape from involvement with others or events, or also an ascent into greater vulnerability.

The example below shows how going upstairs can be an opening or widening of awareness to include areas of experience usually avoided. In fact Mrs. H. takes her awareness down to more everyday levels to escape meeting the light. This shows how we not only avoid unpleasantness, but also something wonderful or out of the ordinary.

Example: ‘I go up the first flight of stairs, then the next, and there is my ex husband’s Nan who is dead and whom I have never met. I don’t see her face but I know it’s her. She is a blinding white light and I run down the stairs.’ Mrs. H.



-Aurora 2016-01-04 23:48:54

I have always had these types of dreams throughout my whole life. It’s where I’m in any house, and it’ll usually be mine, my aunt’s or any of my old houses. But if it’s a totally different and brand new house, it’s an extremely large and beautiful white home. When I’m on the middle floor I feel like I’m the queen of the world because the house is so beautiful, and I feel giddy and joyful because it’s like I moved in for the first time. But whenever I try to go upstairs or downstairs, the stairs become darker and darker. Eerie and disturbing noises echo across the staircase, and I start to feel terrified. And when I try to walk back, I can never return unless if I tried to go back on the first few steps or so. After a few years of these kind of dreams, I made it a rule to never go upstairs or downstairs ever again. But last night I had a dream where I was in a beautiful white home again, but this time I walked downstairs with my father down and down and my surroundings became browner and browner. After a while, we reached an end point and I saw two large brown staircases – one backwards and one in front of us, next to each other. I was scared again and I ran up the stairs trying to find the beautiful white floors again, then I woke up.


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-01-11 9:30:26

    Dear Aurora – I believe the middle floor of the white house expresses a state of mind in which you connect with your Core Self; the potential for all that you can achieve or become and so express in your waking life; http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/touching-your-core-self-part-6/
    You wrote “When I’m on the middle floor I feel like I’m the queen of the world because the house is so beautiful, and I feel giddy and joyful because it’s like I moved in for the first time.”
    This could reflect a “core experience” and I believe that moving in for the first time could reflect your ability to see/perceive/experience things in a new light.
    Going upstairs or downstairs may express how you dare to move away again from being aware with a clearness of mind to explore the parts of you that are still dark and so unconscious – http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/the-unconscious-2/ – so that the content can be brought to the white, middle floor as well, where you can see it in a new light.
    It takes some practice to move into unconscious territory so that you can explore its contents AND find your way out of it again.
    It might help to remember especially if what occurred for you in exploring your unconscious mind was a deeply felt experience that it only occurred because you made an agreement with yourself to allow it; you choose to go upstairs or downstairs.
    Therefore, although it was spontaneous and unexpected, it was still an expression of your own will to allow. To stop the process you simply reverse your decision, thinking to yourself something like – during this exploration – going upstairs or downstairs – it was appropriate to allow myself freedom of movement fantasy and sound – “Eerie and disturbing noises echo across the staircase/surroundings becoming browner and browner” – but now I will again assume my usual social behaviour. This is my choice.
    With this in mind, you might be able to move beyond your fear of not being able to “find the way back again.”
    It might help to practice it while being awake; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/secrets-power-dreaming/ with or without the help of your inner father. (http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/father-dad/#InnerFather )
    Also, it will be helpful to learn to allow yourself to spend some time “in the dark (clouds of unknowing)” and to move through the fear before you will be able to return to a state of mind where you can see more clearly.
    It will take some trust to learn to not interfere with this process and to just let it happen; to look at the different parts in your inner world and to trust that clarity will arrive at Its own pace.
    Perhaps you feel like exploring the fear of the “two large brown staircases – one backwards and one in front of us, next to each other”? http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson
    Please also read http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/the-house-in-your-dream/
    Let me know if you have any questions Aurora.
    Anna :-)


-Prachi 2016-01-22 5:48:53

I had a dream last night that i was going upstairs woth my boyfriend and he was holding my hand and helped me to climb upstairs i dont know that i was a good sign or bad or anything related to my boyfriend.


-Janah 2016-02-02 13:07:01

I dream of my friend that she came home unexpectedly from abroad. Her boyfriend which is also a friend of mine we have an affair in real life but we are done now, was also there. My friend she brought a lot of stuffs for me and our other friends. She was smilling at me at kisses me on the left cheek and i kissed her on the right. I thought she was pregnant because she wore a jacket. I told her that. And she said “No, who would the father be?”. Like she is abroad and her boyfriend is home. Her boyfriend and also my ex, well we become together 1 month after she left for abroad but we broke up after 2 months cause he can’t leave her. Back to my dream – Her boyfriend got a little dirt on his hair and she took it off. They were sweet and Im really jealous. But she took my hand smiling at me and said we should talk all three of us. She pulled me downstairs and her boyfriend was also with us going downstairs. We sat down the table and her mood changed she is not smiling anymore. There is anger in her eyes. And my ex and her bf told me that he is already ashamed of me and like he was angry and talks about he is like a hard stool or poop something and ashamed to get near me. My friend starts to talk about us that everything is not okay. Then I woke up. Me and her bf we are still working together.


-Nikki 2016-05-06 23:29:58

Hello, I had an odd dream last night. I was in a new house but then I had decided to go upstairs to the next floor. The stairs were wooden and had carpet on them. The hallway I was in was a bit dark and gloomy, in my opinion it just needed a light to be turned on and it would have felt homey and comfortable. But, while I was upstairs going down the hallway to find a light I kept here my family call my name from down below. I turned around and started to head down the stairs but was turned around and kept in the hallway! No matter how many times I tried to go down I kept getting spun around and drifted down the hallway more away from my family. I felt like I was being played tricks in the whole time by a ghost. I kept turning around to confront whatever was there but nothing was and I kept walking down the hallway more and the ghost seem to follow I woke up after one point when I asked the ghost in the hallway what it wanted. Wonder if you can give some insight. I am starting a new job and a new chapter in my life.


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-05-10 9:05:18

    Dear Nikki – Well it would be interesting to hear what the ghost wants; http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/dialogue-with-a-dream-character-or-object/
    A ghost may reflect an aspect of your mind that exists beyond preconceived ideas and beliefs.
    The stage of your (inner) life is new to you; with awareness you can move through the unknown that you perceive as “a bit dark and gloomy” towards feeling homey and comfortable again and it will take some persistence to not return to your “family”.
    Family in a dream represent values, attitudes and emotional or social responses you have absorbed from your family and http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/individuation/ refers to the processes involved in becoming a self-aware and independent human being.
    Anna :-)


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