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Edgar Cayce

Here is a massive collection of wisdom taken from the greatest of modern day Seers. There is everything here from after death experiences to prophecies of the future. Because it is so vast I have tried to make a list of the major headings below, and put links to them.

Persons from all walks of life came to Edgar Cayce for help or advise.  Among them were a movie producer, an actress, a top steel magnate, a U.S. Senator, a Vice-President of the United States; parents, the sick, the lame, the disturbed.  His strange gift of clairvoyance has never been duplicated in modern times, although a few other psychics have proved a measure of ability beyond any doubt. The Cayce records are unique.  Twenty million words from an unconscious mind is not a commonplace.

Edgar Cayce -

Edgar Cayce:Who Was This Man? -

Answers To Great Questions Of Life -

Our Origins:Where Did We Come From? –

Evolution:Who Are We? -

The Universe:How Did It Get Here? –

Religion:Is It True? -

Reincarnation:Does it really happen? -

Jesus Christ:Who Is This Man? -

The Future:What lies beyond? -

The Planets:What Are These Dimensions? -

Your Body:How Is Your Next Destination Determined? –

Meditation:Is It Connecting With The Afterlife? –

Prayer:Is It Talking to God? –

Dreams:Are They A Gateway To The Spirit World? -

The Book of Revelation:What are its secrets? -

The Mysteries:What are these religions about? –

Astrology:What Is The Christian Perspective? -

The Readings:What Else Did Cayce Say?

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