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Title: “Coming out of my shell” as a painter.
Post by: Tony Crisp on October 06, 2019, 09:33:03 AM
My son and I have been fans of your Dream book for years. It has helped both of us learn wisdom and guidance from our dreams that has helped us in our lives. Learning from nightmares has been extremely helpful and we both rarely have them now because we have learned from them. I want to thank you for the many gifts your book and web site have given us.

I could not remember all the details of my dream last night but at least a few symbols that stood out. I found a nest of large eggs and knew I needed to care for them so they could hatch safely. I also remember seeing a large bird that landed in a large pine tree. I was trying to figure out if it was a hawk or an eagle. As I looked closer, I saw the white feathers of a bald eagle. I love eagles and hawks. The nest, eggs and eagle were all positive discoveries for me.

I am focusing on “coming out of my shell” as a painter. I also am researching the art world to get a bigger picture of what art I want to pursue. There are many choices today. I also am aware I need to protect my creativity from criticism and pressures from others who will either try to sabotage your creative goals or try to control you. I am trying to grow inwardly to feel a sense of independence and freedom to explore artistic expression as I choose. After reading your symbols about birds, nests, eggs and hawk/eagle, I see I am growing into a good place to explore and express myself creatively and to protect my creativity as well.
I am extremely grateful to your research about dreams. Your dream is my favorite. You have given a great gift to humanity. I think dream work should be taught to everyone from childhood.
I can’t thank you enough - Pamela
Title: Re: “Coming out of my shell” as a painter.
Post by: Tony Crisp on October 07, 2019, 12:49:00 PM
Pamela – Yes, you are growing into a good place, but first I would like you to see https://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/art-and-dreams/

A large bird landing in a pine tree is enough of dream symbols to indicate your artistic ability and its growth. It shows you leaving the limited view of the three dimensional world most of us are trapped in, and enter a world beyond time and space. Imagine you are going to communicate with a part of yourself that has an unlimited amount of information and influence to share with you. What this dimension of yourself gives you will be in direct response to what you ask. So the question, interest or urgent drive in you will be the factor shaping the response.

The white feathers of an eagle doubles the power suggested above, and the nest eggs are adding to what was already said, saying that you are a woman who has become a womb. not for a baby, but for a huge but unexpressed self. You have a huge but latent potential, it is beginning to show in your present life, but will certainly emerge as the eggs are hatched.