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The link to "Life Within" on the piece about crocodile dreams does not work & no means of contacting yourself Tony?

The link just took me to a general page, with little relevance!

Also 'registration' this took me about 6 attempts, ridiculously complicated.

There's a very small notification at the top right that 'finally' I saw something was amiss in my attempts to do that! But it doesn't make it clear at first that you have to have a capital in your password and a number?

Registration should do all these thing before the process has you trying to complete the Captcha, which it seemed to urge me to do 5 times before I realised the process failed, although it accepted the Captcha as complete?

A real mess 'sorry' for a process, which I felt should have been simple.

And where is the link to a "Life Within" for someone please, who is going through an exceptionally difficult, well 'challenging' time?

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