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Dream Interpretation / Writers Block
« on: February 11, 2018, 11:50:24 AM »

Hello Tony,
I have been attempting to start writing a screenplay but have not been getting any ideas and am unable to get the writing process started.
I had a curious dream where S. a woman I know who is a sculptor speaks of her sister-in-law (a famous actress) V.
She says V's handwriting is beautiful and she is also skilled in writing couplets. I add that she also looks good.  V's husband mentions that V is writing couplets and I say "wow, all preparations for "Mughal-e-Azam" (the name of the film she will be acting in which translates as "the Great Mughal". Mughals = great Islamic rulers).

There is an empty fountain in the middle of a city/town square. There is a tap next to it. The woman S washes her feet under the tap. I realize that I also could have done that instead of carrying a round, shiny, metal vessel to fill the water from the tap. I leave the vessel there filled with clear water so it could be used to dip our feet in.

I feel a twinge of envy that V is so talented and married to a good-looking and successful man as well as being a famous and successful actress herself.

Your guidance will be much appreciated.

Thank you.
Regards, Purvi

Dreamhawk site feedback and suggestions / Feedback
« on: February 08, 2018, 10:52:26 AM »
Tony, I can't imagine the personal time you dedicate to replying back to so many! But you should know that your ripples affect far beyond what you see on the surface. Your work is your legacy, and I am positive there are many that have been touched deeply by your healing words.  I hope little bits of happiness always find their way into your days, even when performing the more mundane things in life, like replying back to some of these dreams... I have read some of the unbelievable dreams that have been posted, and I have to confess, I sometimes wonder if some try to get creative and make them up just to see how you will reply?!   :)

All the best to you!



The article on this website about “Black Magic” in dreams is very close to the truth. I really appreciate the notice where the article says: “Fear is the thing to overcome.” I highly respect the fact that this website informs people on what to do if you are a victim of black magic. Thank you for informing the public about all of this.


Vangeline Udan
Nice. I love your works and need to find one of your books about dreams and yoga! Found your website, read your biography. When I was searching for the meaning of my dream, I then realised it was you who my major psychology professor Nell Limbadan was talking about in my class, way back in college. You are like the dream expert in psychology! A living artist!


Hi Tony

Earlier this year I went through a kundalini spiritual awakening. ..phew that was some deep transition.

I'm wondering if or how the content of my dreams may change. My dreams feel more complex and sometimes 'dark'.

Also I wanted to say thanks to you. For many many years I've used your dream site. I'm sure your writing and intuitive understanding of the human being was a key help in my spiritualawakening as you made me keep looking deeper into myself. I wish I could find a way to express just how much your site has helped...but this is email so BIG THANKS - Tricia


Tony, I'm taking a course on dream interpretation on-line. It's called Universalclass. I'm on lesson 2 and it's going over the history of dreams and the rituals of "dream incubation". I was thrilled to see they used one of your articles for study. I've often asked very specific questions before going to sleep in hopes for answers In the dream state. I had no idea I was using a version of an ancient ritual. Anyway loved your article and the new perception that my subconscious is my best friend. Thanks!


Hi it’s me,
I am also visiting this web page daily,
this web site is truly good and the users are in fact
sharing good thoughts.


John Hodgson

This is a profound article.  Your voice, coming from a life's experience of inner and outer exploration, informs the clarity and power of your writing.  How rarely one encounters another human being who looks inward and writes with perception and honesty about the endless difficulties of facing the world and coming to maturity.


Then I changed categories and settled in to the body of your work, and I haven't read everything yet.  What do I love so much... hm.  I love that you are conscious of what is happening within you.  I spent so much of my life not knowing the truth of me, unable and unwilling I guess to turn and face the demons. And you have managed that, and wrote about it, and wrote about love and anger and sadness and pain and all matter of spirit things, and you have been incredibly bold in it.  And your earthiness, and I don't know if that is the right word, I don't mean earthy like in Earth Mother, I mean earthy as in, when something snatches you and wrestles with you and reveals to you this great passion, sensuality, this daring, gripping, wildness, spirit.  I want to just say, wow, but that is taking the easy way out.  :)   So I thank-you, for sharing this epic story of you and your travels both on the inner planes and the outer ones.  To me, it seems you've made yourself intentionally vulnerable, and it is something I struggle with, being vulnerable.


Thank you. Before your helpful reply I was unaware of an Inner Father within all of us. I haven’t explored this website much. I just wanted to know the meaning of my dream and then be done with it, but you actually replied within a short amount of time, and for that I am impressed and will be sure to share this website with everyone I know. Of course its not just the reply, you managed to help me, impress me and teach me something new all at the same time. I believe you have a really good thing going here and I wish you all the best for the future.


-Chance 2016-05-13 12:11:55
Dear Tony, My mice were singing. (Can not remember song) Also ate one of them with fruit in the center. But in this same dream I found myself naked, wrapt in a white sheet. (At four years old a great uncle had me laying on his bed fondling myself while in his view from the bathroom ejaculating. My great aunt lived next door, noticing i had disappeared apparently, and rescued me by covering me with a white sheet and assumingly took me back home.) I'm a female. This was my first encounter of shit happening. Anyhow I've tried shrinks-prozac and not talking about the matter in life are their way of dealing. Ccould you give me some insight please. 42 yrs old and in desperate need. If this finds you I greatly appreciate your time and thank you for the insight you’ve given over the last seven years to me.



Your I Ching interpretation(s) are, ultimately, the best I have seen. DEEP BOW.


Dear Anna
Thank you alot for your reply. It does make a lot of sense when you mention all this considering where i am in life, studying having exams im unsure of and in fact keeping to wonder how everything will end up in the end.
It made me better understand myself and what im subconciously dealing with in regards to this issue after getting your interpertation! Thank you so so much both to you and Tony for this homepage.


I have mentored many people directing them to your teachings online and books that have taught them further. Your Dream Dictionary and then a session with Brenda in Hobart (hmm maybe 16 ish years ago) that changed my state of consciousness profoundly and continues to do so.
To me, your teachings reach people profoundly and infinitely on a daily basis that you never get to know about (as in my situation as an example). I call it the ripple effect.
Could it be that you have so much deep street cred beyond what you possibly recognise? Are your teachings life's little secret?
Go well :-).
Terri x


I discovered your book, Dream Dictionary, many years ago as I was in the process of reading everything that I could get my hands on relating to dreams and the process’ the mind.
Your dream dictionary is simply a breath of fresh air. I am on my fourth copy as I have simply worn out the others (this one is the Barnes and Noble 2004 edition/ copyright 2002 by tony crisp.
My efforts in the past 15 years have centered on dream interpretation (primarily online), with the ultimate objective of helping others know that their dreams are of great importance, and life changing to say the least.


This is my first contact with your site, and I look forward to seeing the new format that you will soon implement. I fully understand the energy that it takes to decipher meaning in others dreams and the commitment to try to get to all of them, and I am not very well known.
I want you to know that your efforts to help others, is so appreciated, and I would like to offer encouragement that you may somehow find the strength and all of the resources to help you deliver your valuable knowledge.


Mr. Crisp,
I've been a big fan of yours and your "Dream Dictionary" for quite some time.  So, big that I've recommended, given, and occasionally "forced" your book upon all my dreaming friends and relatives.  They all loved it.

Glad to see that you've embraced the Internet.  Good Luck with the new


Buildings around me destroyed

Thank you Tony for helping me understand my dream.
Everything you said about my dream makes perfect sense in my current situation.
I am grateful I found this website and I am reading the referrals you made.
Once again, thank you. Mark


Jim Burke.

I gave my Auntie Laurel a copy of your original version almost 6 months ago and she called me last week to say how much it has helped her.  She has very vivid dreams at times and many having been frightening her.  She said that the book has really helped her to see things differently and they don't seem so frightening anymore.
I really believe you have such a gift in what you have shared with us all through publishing the book.  It is so important to be able to reach people like my aunt who are not on the same path direction as us but can really benefit to get through their lives by looking at their dreams as a guide and be able to read the messages.  She represents a big group or market that would never think, or even if they did, would not go to a dream processing workshop or course to learn to engage with their dreams on a daily basis.  I really believe that we have to try to reach this group because they have no other way of becoming exposed to gaining insights to learn the process to analyse their dreams.  They are probably not interested any further than being able to pick up the dictionary and look up a few things to put it all together...and that is more than OK, since that's the journey they're on, but it's important that they connect with yet another little lamp for their growth.


A reader from Amsterdam , 28 January, 2000
Great for Beginnner AND the more advanced
I've been using Mr Crisp's book for years and find it invaluable in my quest to understand my dreams better. Unlike many other books which seek to tell you what your dreams mean, Crisp guides you through interpreting your dreams as individual and personal stories about your own psyche.
Psyche [email protected] from London , 18 September, 1999
An enlarged version of the author's Dream Dictionary.
This has the same excellent coverage as Dream Dictionary. So anything said about that refers to this. The difference is that Tony Crisp has much enlarged this version, and re-organised the entries to read more easily.


chick from new york , 12 December, 1998
Best Yet
If this book popped up on your recommendation list next to a few others about dream interpretation, and you're only going to buy one..pick this one. Tony Crisp's "Dream Dictionary" is by far the most enlightening book on this subject that I have. If the subject interests you, it's fun to have a few different books by different authors to cross reference. But again, if you're only going to get one book on dreams, chose this one over any other. I found Crisp to have a much more realistic look into the subconscious than, say, Gustavus Miller ("The Dictionary of Dreams..") who seemed to have only three standard explanations of dreams... (death/illness, doom or good fortune). I find myself referring to Crisp's "Dream Dictionary" several times a week. --This text refers to the paperback edition of this title

camille  wrote:
  Hi Tony Crisp: I thank you and I'm grateful to God that you are there, I suspect in more ways than one. And you are, I think, insightful with a nice uncomplicated pragmatism. I appreciate your learning experience and that it is available. In spite of your books, I am pleased to find your website.

  Apart from having your "Dream Dictionary" in the bathroom, a copy also is in my study and in the truck I drive. (I've been driving a truck for over twenty-five years.) In some ways, you remind me of  Robert Johnson in conjunction with James Hillman. I presume you are familiar with such thinkers.

  Anyway, thanks again and God bless you.


  Peace, Bruce Metzger, British Columbia - Go Seize the Day


Marie de Kock

Thank you so much for an approach that interprets with an expanded consciousness. It is the accent on self respect and openness to receive that makes these interpretations stand out from other doom and gloom and limiting interpretations. Mother Earth bless you.


Hi Tony,

Thank you for putting my dream on your website, it informs me that I have explained the dream. And how I gained the knowledge from the dream using the skills you taught me, all those years ago.

It was a great dream and staying true to my body/mind I persisted, until the dream was understood. The only change that I would ask would be to change the wording about my sister’s abuse, as I have not asked her if was ok to mention it.

I have just about finished my transpersonal art therapy course, during which I had another dream regarding my needs, which once again the mind thought it knew the answer, (I had been to an evenings talk on sexual abuse), and I dreamt that I met a woman who looked very frail (her life had been hard). We spoke about puppies and she invited me to go with her to see hers, as we got to her back yard.

There on the floor were two little puppies in the gutter on a concrete floor in the rain; the woman went to her back door which was green. She said" I just need to go inside and sort things before you can come in." It sounded like there was many animals desperate for something. She went in and I turned and walked away thinking I don't want to go in there. Working with gestalt and embodiment I discovered that I was keeping my needs behind a green door, and that all I needed to do was open the door, there were many different animals some young some adults, all able to take care of themselves if the door was open.

I also think of you, and talk of you often, there is a sense of amazement still, how did I manage to meet someone like you, how generous you were/are with your time . And how long it has taken for some of society to catch up, and I know its still a minority.

Take good care of yourself till we chat or meet again, lots of love as always xx      Brenda Blake



Thank you, Tony, for your insightful dream interpretation! I have read your bio and although I don’t know you personally, I am so grateful for what you have done in your life and all those you have helped through your experiences and knowledge. I am planning on purchasing one of your books, and just wanted to say your passion and life is an inspiration to me and so many. People like you help raise our collective vibration and make the world a better place. Namaste



I really enjoyed ur site. I was having troubles for years of me dreaming of one of my phobia (bears) i have always dreamt of the bear following me or chasing me horrifically. It scared me so. Just the other day i had another dream of the bear actually opening my car door. I looked at ur site tonight to realise its nothing too crazy. Thanks for saving me alot of time for looking for my answers.



I am currently reading about archetypes for my college course. In trying to define the movie The Island, it was necessary to understand what the underbelly, basement of the compound represented. You hit the nail on the head, as it made me remember when I was a child and had a terrifying dream of the bad men chasing me into the basement. Thank you for clearing that up. Also you cleared up my alligator dream. And a
Light or ate me alive when I was near a pool in the backyard of a relatives home. Terrifying dream that haunted me for the past 11 years.
I found it interesting that the suggestions for books on dream symbology were wanting compared to you very intense exploration on the subject. I will be using your site for references in my essay because I find that it is very indepth.
Thank you for such comprehensive quality and work!
Could you please let me know how I can get your premature book about your own birth. I was a preemie as well and think I have memories, although I always thought they were just young kid imaginings, although I couldn’t put words on these experiences because they were simply observations…wonder observations for me. At the age of 4 I told my mom about atoms and what they were and also about time and about a mini soul inside this flesh we call the body. She asked me who told you that? I said no one it just came to my mid as a whisper. She was always surprised at my ability to intuitively know things without learning them conventional ways. I would love to get a copy of your story Tony so that. Thank you.



Wow, thanks for this. Tony your dream dictionary is amazing. I dreamt about two camels last night and when I read this it's so relevant to my life experience right now. I'm always amazed because how random for me to dream of camels. Thank you for an excellent resource.



In my dream, I am in my house. Not my house in real life, it’s my house in the dream world. I walk around a floor that I abandoned a long time ago and have come back to look for a door. I find a beautiful wooden, green door in a dark hallway with a flickering light on the ceiling. I had brought cleaning supplies with me and I proceed to clean the door. I get on a step ladder because the door is large and I get rid of all the webs, dust, and pieces of scotch tape I had put on it when I was a child. I had never opened that door. I feel alone and sad as I clean the door and think of something that happened in childhood that forced me to abandon that door. The memory is so vague that I just stand against the wall and wonder why this door was never opened. Someone please help interpret this dream.


Hi, I had a dream I'm on planet mars with someone staring at a fallen house not exactly resembles ours. And nearby there is a big hole but even though it is deep I can see every detail inside. Telling its meaning would be a great help. Thanks.

Dream Interpretation / How do I Get More Control
« on: January 17, 2018, 10:54:05 AM »

I've been experiencing false awakenings for awhile. Before I would just 'wake up' and go about my normal routine only to wake up for real later to realize it was only a dream. It was a little annoying but didn't bother me that much and rarely happened, usually when I would take a nap or wake up and then fall back asleep in the morning.

But recently I've started to get stuck in a sort of loop and also have sleep paralysis in the dreams...

It usually starts off with me 'waking up' only to end up back in my bed. In the dream I'm not exactly awake, I can feel myself in my bed (I'm still not sure if I'm feeling my actual self or dream self) but I can barely move. It usually happens in a loop of me trying to move, sometimes successfully, but then I end up back in the same position and it just keeps happening over and over. It's very hard to open my eyes in the dream but when I finally do I like jolt myself awake. This was getting to be a bother as I wasn't really ready to wake up yet, especially so suddenly.

I decided to try to just ignore it next time it happens as I can usually tell that I'm dreaming after the original false awakening. So this morning I tried it, once I realized what was happening I told myself it was just a dream and to ignore it and keep sleeping; but then my body started feeling all weird and tingly and I started moving out of my control eventually even levitating slightly! It was very hard to ignore and felt so real. I got scared and tried to wake up and it took awhile like it usually does but after a little while I finally got my eyes to open.

How do I get more control of the dreams? Is there anyway to stop these from happening without having to wake up? Or at least wake up easier?

Dream Interpretation / Aliens Live Amongst Us
« on: January 12, 2018, 12:30:10 PM »

Dreamt I was looking through some letters. One was from an alien being. I and others were trying to understand it. At times I could see it clearly, then the words would appear as symbols. Eventually it was realised that aliens had lived amongst mankind for years. They had human bodies, and nobody had realised who they were or what they were, because they seemed like cretins. I/we, were now with the alien who had written the letter. He was large built, completely childlike, but without child tantrums. We were massaging him and I began to see things through “his eyes”. His childlike wonder made everything interesting and amazing. He looked and listened with delight when birds sang. I heard and saw them anew too. At one point we sat on him and held his legs down during the massage. There was some problem for him in this, but it was resolved. A bird nearby began to sing as if it was an exaltation. The alien said it was singing from the spirit. The inner state of this man penetrated me and I felt an open, childlike state too. And began to be able to let this stage come by simply remembering it and opening to it. Tina was there and the mistletoe saying to kiss her. I did, with pleasure, but this new state made it very innocent and harmless so it could be more enjoyed.

We were now at an open-air zoo. People came to be near the alien and see animals. The new state was now deepening and changing. The man still had child like characteristics, but also could express intellectually now. He looked different too - slim, English, dark short hair, intelligent sharply aware face.

Some people were coming into the zoo. Somebody like Joy Bruce was talking to a man as we walked. The man asked her who I was. She said, “That’s my friend. She said to call him my friend, not my guru. The man expressed great regard for all.” I accepted this, or felt pleased.

We were sitting listening to the alien talking and answering our questions. Someone asked him about psychiatry. He said we should understand the present from the present, not read into the past what is not there. He also explained how he studied word by word, and deeply considered all he read.

There was a part where a woman was talking to me about a newborn horse.

I was now finding I could enter into intimate relations with people in a completely new way. It was as if a power or influence flowed through me because I could open to it. It was the power that lived through the alien, and it now lived through me. I touched Antoinette’s naked body. She deeply needed to be caressed, but I would have been too attached before to do this in a healing way. Now it healed and completed her. I could be quite open without fear, or apprehension about results. It was a wonderful thing. My left hand lived spontaneously in a sunny waking state, the fingers randomly pressing on Brenda. This was an expression of this new state. The words came, “Now I can let people get close to me without having to kill them. The fear and pain has gone.” It was a very amazing dream.


I have had 2 dreams now where I am pregnant and there are 3 possibilities for the dad! 3. And usually its a pair of brothers (different each time) and another person (cant remember exactly who, once it was my ex bf I think). Weird right? Why would I have this dream? I am married and had a baby over a year ago.

Dream Interpretation / Can't Find Make Up or Clothes to Wear
« on: December 25, 2017, 12:10:30 PM »

I have the same dream situation every night. I am somewhere I have just moved or am visiting and I haven't brought clothing that fits the situation I am going to be in. I am always looking for clothing(or makeup) that I had intended to bring/wear, and cant find it. I have to wear what I can find or try to buy/borrow something to prepare for the situation. The dream is me trying to find what I need for the situation.

Dream Interpretation / Dead Husband in love with my Best Friend
« on: December 25, 2017, 11:48:55 AM »

Why do I keep having Reoccurring dreams that my late husband was in love with my best friend

Dream Interpretation / Destructive Coma - From Comments
« on: December 17, 2017, 11:29:48 AM »

I am just wondering a couple of things so if any can shed any light on them then that would be great. I recently went into a coma for 31 days. I don’t remember anything of the night I went into it or the whole couple of weeks before it. I have remembered some after some time of coming out of it but not all. Luckily I always kept journals growing up and after reading them I kinda remembered some but just bits and pieces. Sometimes when a person starts telling me about a certain event or day etc. I will get a complete flash back and recall it all. Sometimes it happens so quick it’s hard to even make out what it was. This happens when I see certain things or hear about certain events that cause them. They aren’t sure why or how I fell into the coma. And I wasn’t not suppose to even come out of it.

For about a week they kept telling my family that I wouldn’t make it through the night but somehow I always did. After I stopped breathing on my own and showed no signs of brain activity plus being hooked up to everything you can be hooked up to plus I did flatline a couple of times but somehow I kept coming back. When I awoke I didn’t know anything other then that I was in a hospital room. I didn’t know who or what the hell I was and of course I freaked out. It wasn’t till my mother came running into the room that I actually calmed down and was able to relax cause I somehow knew who she was. Not her name or anything like that just felt the comfort and I knew I was ok cause she was there. Later I found out finally that I was in a coma for 31 days and the reason why I head two big tubes coming out of my head is because they had to drill two holes to relieve the pressure.

They said that the whole leftbside of my brain looks as if I had a massive stroke. I am 30 I think. I really can’t remember my date of birth. But other then that they had nothing to tell me that explained anything. Now I was in a very good hospital but it was in the middle of Oklahoma and we don’t have many neurologist or even doctors for it on the matter. I had no dreams. I didn’t hear anything or see anything at all. I briefly remember being at a friends house then that’s it. Blank till I awoke in the hospital. Even now I have it very hard to remember things at times and terrible headaches that make it even hard to sleep.

I was engaged to a girl and we have been for awhile but I couldn’t remember who she even was. And upon trying to learn and know who she was well I guess you can say was to much for her to handle so she went off one day on me and I can barely remember that. So after we separated I lost my chance on learning the most about everything like who I was and who she was or just anything from our past and have had to try to figure things out on my own. She wasn’t anything that I thought that I would even think about marriage with and always felt as if I just didn’t even know who this person was.

I have now been diagnosed with a form of epilepsy and if certain random quick loud sounding or lights and specially flashing lights go off around me or by me it shocks my whole body. Especially my head and eyes. They will hurt real bad. And now if my heart rate gets to high by me getting worked up in anyway I will have a seizure. I get lost in stores cause I will just go blank and not know who I am or where the hell im at. So driving is a bit of a no.

But I guess my questions are did anyone else have such a memory loss and gaps of their life they can’t think of and does it mean anything that I didn’t dream or see and hear anything while I was in the coma? And my last one is how do you know for sure your not just still in one? The reason why I ask is because I sometimes feel as if I am just in a dream and this is all just not real. I’m no psychic but I have had things pop into my head via it be just a random thought or a daydream where I have seen something happen and then later it does happen just as I seen or heard it. I don’t believe in fortune telling or anything like that but if I can’t recall anything then I can’t say it deja vu so is that a thing that’s occurs or am I actually awake and aware but just not able to somehow believe or feel like I am. Not to mention that everything that has or was going on before I went into a coma was good or becoming better and even being the time when I was happy and fully happy and after the coma it’s just been one long decline and bad things happening over and over again.

So my real question is that does this mean anything or anyone or if can be explained in anyway that would be beneficial to me then please let me know. Cause I never once had a dream or vision of any kind nor sound. And all I come across is things about people having them and etc. So if anyone can shed a light on any of that then I’d thank you for doing so. And if I am somehow in a damn coma then does anyone know how to wake yourself up? Lol sounds crazy but it’s all very true and just wondering if anyone can answer. Thank ya.

Dream Interpretation / Is she seeing death everywhere - From Comments
« on: December 14, 2017, 10:40:42 AM »
Ashley Castaneda

My dream started at my grandmother’s house, she’s been dead for a while but in this dream she is alive. It was dark windy and cold outside and there was something unsettling lurking about to where I couldn’t fall asleep. I step outside with an oil lamp fighting the wind and see a little girl in a white dress angry facing the skies, her eyes were blood red. I had to yell over the blows for her to hear me and asked what she was doing out here? She faced me and looked towards the top of the house, then every other direction with fear in her face. I then asked is she seeing death everywhere.

She nods yes, she’s only around 5. I take her hand and night turns to day and the winds are gone. Her eyes are still red only now she is calm. I look behind me to see the house and what she was seeing. I saw many men hung from trees and atop a barn and the house. Not just by rope but by stakes or branches through the bodies. She was scared so I knew I had to get her someplace safe. We step to cross a road in the old town, to my left were 2 bulls and rams made of solid metal pounding their hooves and clanking their horns as dust kicks up around them. I knew they were going to see us but it was the only way, to cross the road. We took more steps and the ground begins to rumble, they begin to charge and I realize I’m dreaming. I told my dream self that it was okay, you can cross the street and you won’t die if they hit you because it’s not real. Let’s see if we can cross the road to save her. We have to try. I felt us walk with our eyes closed and the bulls along with other horned animals brushed against us as they charged towards other people and this gas station on the side. We weren’t hit. We made it across and stood on some green grass with a small old clay/stone church behind us. Safe.

Dream Interpretation / Then I drowned - From Comments
« on: December 13, 2017, 01:55:31 PM »

I recently had this dream and I really cant shake it off. I’ve been thinking about what it means and what to do with that meaning.

In this dream my family, boyfriend and I were having dinner. We all knew a dustater was coming, but we didn’t know what yet. Moments later there was a knock on the door. It was an officer telling us to evacuate as soon as possible because a flood was coming. we all rushed out of the house and started walking to the end of the block. it wasn’t till we reached the end that I realized i had forgotten my phone and it was necessary for me to have it because i needed to tell my friend the flood was near and she needed to leave immediately. my boyfriend voluntary said he’s get it because he was a fast runner. As we were waiting we saw the flood come our way. My boyfriend hadn’t returned and i was extremely worried because i knew i was going to die. mainly because i couldn’t swim. i knew my time was up, and all i wanted was to die with him, but he was nowhere near. the flood took me and my family wasn’t near me anymore either. i was alone and then my location changed and i was in a big solid box filled with water. I was unable to survive because there were no air hole or even a little are above with air. it was completely filled with water,but i wasn’t alone. I was with 3 other spread out people. And that’s when i saw my boyfriend again. I tried to reach out to him and call him but i couldn’t because he was too far for me to reach. I wasn’t sure if he saw me or chose to ignore me but he swam past me and i had drowned.

Dream Interpretation / I could possibly have a nightmare - From Comments
« on: December 08, 2017, 11:38:10 AM »

I had a dream during an afternoon nap that I was on a green field, someone walked past who offended me and my life, so I defended it by telling them about my personal achievements that make me great. Then I lay down on this green lawn and suddenly realised that I am dreaming and I am inside my mind then I thought very quickly of what to think of because I realised I could possibly have a nightmare within it, so I thought of being in water. I closed my eyes and I was inside water, thinking of nothing, but just listening to the sound of water which was slightly uncomfortable, but very refreshing and relaxing because the tiiiiiny discomfort kept me focused and controlling my mind. Then someone knocked on my door and I had to wake up, so I did.

What could that experience mean for me?


Hi, could you help to interpret my dream?

I was walking in the evening in some port with some people and my boyfriend and all looked beautiful.
I saw a beautiful boat/restaurant anchored.

Then the water became very wavy, the boat started moving more and more and finally within minutes it sank with all people aboard. Then after another moment while observing it we saw some people that sank being brought up by the huge after wave and they were crashed into the port walls.

Currently I have a stable job and am doing some interviews to change. I also starting my side business besides my main job. Should I stop it? Shouldn’t I change my job? Should I ignore it?


Dream Interpretation / Swimming in a figure 8 against a star lit sky
« on: December 07, 2017, 08:57:20 AM »

Hello, I had just woken up from this dream but I can get my mind off it.

It started as me living in a house by myself with boxes everywhere then it skipped ahead to me moving back in with my mother (I was around 16/17 in the dream) as we were loading up the car everyone kept seeing a black figure yet I saw an otter. Most of the time it would be a glimpse then it was gone. I went to get the last of my stuff and a blanket I had left. I grabbed the unfolded blanket and got really claustrophobic and started twisting around trying to get outside but my brother kept asking what was wrong.

Them I felt someone choking me. I ran outside to breath. It skipped again to me and my family sitting around talking about the figure/otter and we didn’t know what to call it so we called it a God. I closed my eyes in the dream and saw the otter again. But this time it was swimming in a figure 8 against a star lit sky and the color of the otter was kind of astral like the picture on the top of this page. It then skipped forward again to me in the bath tub with the hot and cold water running. I kept asking myself “are you a God” “you can’t be a God” then I noticed I ran out of hot water so I said “if you’re a God, turn this water hot”

After noticing no change I went to turn the water off but the cold water knob was missing while the hot water one was still there. Then I woke up. I can’t seem to get the dream out of my head.

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