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Dream Interpretation / Possessed by a Demon - Imported from Comments
« on: October 13, 2017, 12:12:12 PM »

Over the years, I’ve had similar dreams of being possessed by a demon. It takes over my body at times. I NEVER see it. It’s just there when I’m dreaming. EVERYTIME, in my dream, I yell vulgar curse words at it, it gets very angry. The dream ALWAYS takes place in my house. It’s always night time. At one point in a previous dream, I experienced sleep paralysis. I SERIOUSLY, at another point in time, had several dreams in a short period of time that I thought I needed to see a priest because it scared me SO bad. The leave such an unsettling feeling during & after. Sometimes, it wants to violate me. So Tone ever have something similar happen? Thanks!

Dream Interpretation / Richness of some Compost - Imported from Comments
« on: October 11, 2017, 09:57:31 AM »
I was admiring the richness of some compost in my dream I had been working on…I remember how much I appreciated it, and in the dream itself, I was wondering what it meant!


I’m not really sure how it began but a friend and I were teaching someone else how to swim in an Olympic pool but you could not see the bottom, like the ocean because it was so deep. I walked around the edge of the pool, teaching the person how to swim while my friend was in the pool also, I could see something swimming in the bottom, fish, or penguins or something. I dived in but it was as if I had weights on my feet and I was paralyzed, I watched as my friend tried to grab my arms and I slipped through their fingers and into the deep, I woke up hyperventilating but I couldn’t breathe still? My arms were stuck and I couldn’t open my eyes. I’m too scared to go to sleep, this has never happened before.

Dream Interpretation / Wild Cat Rubs against me - Imported
« on: October 03, 2017, 09:11:47 AM »
I had a strange dream last night I was in a room filled with people. There were games & food & on the one side of the room there were fruits in buckets. This man who was dressed up like a clown came in from behind me & asked me if he could pick me up. I said sure, & when he picked me up he grew tall & taller. He stopped at the top shelf & told me to grab the fruit from the bucket & when I did this people began to take pictures & talk about us. I noticed I grabbed strawberries & apples. Not sure what the meaning is behind the man growing after he picked me up.


Hi, I took a nap this morning around 11am and I dreamed of millions of yellow comet hitting earth. As I ran to find shelter, I found a big platform rock standing upright with big green bamboo trees so I went to hide there under the rock next to a man that was also taking shelter there trying not to get hit. In my dreams, I can see myself getting hit a few times but I didn’t feel any pain nor was I felt affected. It also feel like I did not get hit by any of the comets. After a while, my dream shifted and the whole world change. I don’t see anything wrong but my feelings in my dreams indicate that it was a world full of monsters in human form. Can you tell me what my dream is about. Thank you.

Dream Interpretation / Lost Luggage in Storm - Imported from Comments
« on: September 25, 2017, 09:58:58 AM »
Yes please, sandstorm

Dreamt I was caught in a sandstorm with lots of luggage and it all got swept up in the storm flew in differently directions and I was searching for it while everything was just getting covered in sand. There were other people and lots of luggage not just mine. But people weren’t helping me. And I felt like they were managing to find their luggage and move on while I was still searching for mine.

Dream Interpretation / Dismembering my body - Imported from Comments
« on: September 24, 2017, 01:21:51 PM »

I had a very disturbing dream. I was in a big warehouse and waiting for employees to leave. At first I was talking to employees then I hid so they didn’t know I was still there when they locked up. When the building was empty I went over to my dead body in another room where I began dismembering it… starting with my head. But my head wasn’t just cut off; I sliced it in half with a chainsaw before dismembering the rest. Then I was trying to figure out ways to dispose of my body discretely so no one would find out about it. I was quite shaken when I woke up. I have never had such an awful, disturbing dream.


I keep having dreams about my dead husband being alive with other women or that we are broke up.

Dream Interpretation / My Baby Is in Danger - Imported From Comments
« on: September 17, 2017, 01:45:10 PM »

I had a dream that our neighbor’s were going to baby sit my daughter. I leave to go out on a date and I see Emily at the corner of my eye climbing down a hill. I run over and down to save her because she almost fell off a cliff into water. Next thing I know a huge bird is swooping at us trying to take Emily away from me. There’s a random door and we go in there and my date closes the door so fast so the bird couldn’t get us… It was my dates house’s under ground tunnel. Then I woke up. It was so scary!

Dream Interpretation / Husband Disappers - Imported from Comments
« on: September 14, 2017, 09:49:05 AM »

I have several dreams that start out with my husband and in the middle he always disappear, like I’ll turn around and he’ll be gone and never return in my dream. Every dream with him in it starts out with a bad scene, some type of commotion like a shoot out, robbery, or someone trying to hurt us, but during the mist of getting away he vanishes and I’m never harmed and wake up… I need to understand this???


This dream I had few years ago but can’t get it out of my head ever since, I know it’s very important and related to the spiritual path.

So, I am holding a rope attached to the tail of a humongous black hooded dragon. I am struggling to hold on, it looks like we’re inside the earth, there’s dirt, mud and rocks everywhere and the Dragon seems like swimming in it. The dragon tries to throw me away with its tail but can’t do it, then he/she tries to eat me and appears as if she/he is chasing its tail, but can’t. The terrain is so rough and she/he can’t shake me off even though I am less than a mosquito to her/him. This goes on for a while but not for a moment I think of letting go.

Then the terrain starts to get softer, less rocks, more mud, the dragon does not fight as aggressively now and I start to climb the rope getting closer to the body. The terrain gets even softer and now water appears. Finally, I reach the dragon’s body, its colossal; I can hardly catch on to one scale. Now I’m on its back and we’re into water, the experience from horrifying becomes adventurous and then pleasant. I’m climbing its back slowly and it becomes easier by the moment, then we are out of the water and flying in the air, it’s wonderful. The air starting to get thinner there is no resistance at all and the colours are becoming so vivid and psychedelic, it’s ecstatic. Finally, I reach the head and I see its beautiful face it is rounded, thorny with fantastic yellow eyes. Awe is not enough to describe that moment, I feel warm safe and loved. I don’t remember any words only this endless bliss.

Dream Interpretation / Taking Flight - Imported from Comments
« on: September 10, 2017, 09:53:14 AM »

I had a dream that I would like to mention, in the dream I am standing at the very tip top of a tree that is about 30 ft high. The tree is situated in a shopping precinct, and to my left there is a walkway that rises leading somewhere, and pavements around the tree. People gather to look at me floating upon this tree, and I can see what they are thinking and feeling. They believe that this must be some advertising stunt and there are cameras hidden somewhere, and all will be revealed, so they are going to stand around and watch the fun.

But I am saying to them by simply floating there, you can see me here and you can be here too, you don’t have to climb the tree you don’t have to make all that effort.  I’m an ordinary human being and I am standing here, you can stand here with me. Most of them are thinking, what’s the gimmick what is going to be revealed, but one or two are thinking, what on earth is he on about, what is he saying.

So, I speak and say, “You can stand by me. You don’t have to make any effort. Like me, you are an ordinary human being and you can be here with me”.

And suddenly, bump, there is a woman by me. She had accepted and she was here with me. Then another, bang, bang, bang, until there was about eight of us, and suddenly we soared upwards leaving a trail of coloured smoke, and by it we are saying to other human beings who can see this visible trail that could be seen for miles, “You too, this is for you. We are just human beings and have touched this amazing thing that can transform lives. It isn’t some magic I have, or some wonderful ability I can sell you. It is a power you have within yourself that you are overlooking.”

Just as I, you, are beginning to get to that contact, just as you were beginning to have that sense of self, and find a relationship with it, your life becomes somewhat different. You realise you have different ways of responding, and so it is visible, therefore it might be that they can make that jump very, very quickly. A jump to a very different way of feeling about and relating to your life.

Dream Interpretation / Crossroads of Life - Imported from Comments Section
« on: September 08, 2017, 10:18:52 AM »
I am hoping you can help me get clarity on this dream. I only remember parts of it, but I was in my childhood home in the basement where we used to play as kids. I was an adult as I am now, i remember seeing a huge white eagle approaching me, nudging me, and gently circling me as if it wanted me to hold it. I put out my left arm and it lands on it and proceeded to cuddle. This huge ominous bird wanted me to hug it, so I did. It then wrapped it’s huge wings around me. I felt love and intimacy emanating from it. I felt protected and loved somehow. In my current life, I am on a spiritual path of discovering who I am and my true purpose. I am at a crossroads with my career, and a marriage of 23 years. Can this dream possibly tie in to any thing in my current life?

Questions about dreams / I am a male - strange dream
« on: May 19, 2017, 11:09:39 AM »
So I'm male and I had a dream I was in a in a MMA match in which I and the person I was to fight had the first match up of the many people there to fight in the line up we are all dressed as super heroes and I was batman and the dude I was to fight is spider man and I ended up losing and so after losing I leave to get a smoke and I sit down across from this big dude I've never met before at a table outside of the MMA building. And as I sit and light my smoke I take a few puffs he begins to talk to me about the match and I tell him I could have beaten the dude in the spider man outfit if I'd have done this that and the other differently; and he tells me in a kind way that I couldn’t have beaten him. I’ve finished my smoke by this point and it was my last one so I asked if I could bum one off him and he tries to give me his last one but I decline taking his last smoke and thank him.

Its at this point I see him looking around as if he’s worried about something, he tells me its a good thing I lost and I was about to ask why when we see 3 men in black suites (guards from the MMA match) walking towards us. He asks me to come with him so we could get away from them. I felt I could trust him for some reason. So I go with him and we run to his mudded out car and hop into the passenger seat and we speed out of there; and its at this point they start chasing us by car as well as a monster truck that could flatten us if it runs over us (and that’s what they had planned). I ask him why they are chasing him (I wanted to help him) he says they are not after him but they ARE after me, and that he’s here to protect me.

We get onto the interstate and go a few miles before the monster truck catches up to us and is about to run us over so the big dude offers his hand to me and asks me to take it (I assumed he had a plan of escape). So as I reach for his hand I see its kind of blue green in color (was a normal human hand before) and he only has 3 oddly shaped fingers (alien hand I guess). I take his hand and next thing I know we bust out the window shield just in time to escape the truck flattening us and we are flying threw the air (dude is flying us with no wings or anything that would make sense as to why we are able to fly). I look at him and he’s all changed now with that blue green skin that’s kind of see threw with big fins around his neck and 3 fingers on each hand. We are flying for a short time before he lands away from the guys chasing me and I ask him what he is (I still trust him by this point) and he tells me he’s my body guard and that he’s been watching me my entire life waiting for the right time (kind of riddle like). Then he places his hand on my chest and I take on a new form. The form of a pinkish red female alien. He tells me I'm the princess of our world and that they needed to hide me away (for reasons unknown to me) and to keep me safe they made me look human and wiped my memories and replaced them with fake ones so I wouldn’t be found. But now they have found me and its no longer safe on earth anymore so its time to leave.

I wake up after this in a cold sweat and I'm so confused because I’m a straight guy with a wife and a daughter so why would I be dreaming I’m a girl alien princess? I’m also vary distrusting so that I would hop into a car with a stranger is vary unlike me. I really hope you know what this all means because it kind of has me messed up about all this XD

Dream Interpretation / “natural water slide”
« on: September 15, 2016, 10:39:36 AM »
I put this in from the comments section because of the story it tells us all - Tony

Krisanne Graff
[email protected]
Submitted on 2016/09/14 at 6:12 pm

Hi, had a strange dream last night.. I was on a “natural water slide” path… I was actually in the water, the path split into several directions but I remember saying to myself in the dream… I’ve got my path or I’ve picked my path.. something like that. the water was flowing rather fast. I could see the “water path” but as I got closer it was obstructed with branches … what the heck does that mean?

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