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Dream Interpretation / Glimpsing My Wonderful Potential
« on: February 08, 2020, 12:43:25 PM »
Hi Tony and thanks for taking the time I appreciate it.

The detail in this dream is like nothing I've ever experienced before.
I do experience lucid dreaming from time to time but this was a dream journey like no other. I do understand some aspects of the dream but don’t understand the whole picture and some of the elements.

I was walking towards a town that was in the distance, it looked very picturesque it could have been anywhere, a very bright and sunny day, very clean. Around me were low level stone buildings pitched tiled roofs very pretty very green lots of trees no people or cars just me, I follow a long winding road to a hill and the town.

I see a building in the distance on top of that hill. The building was enormous, mythical, magical; gothic maybe, totally stunned me! Hundreds of gargoyles and dragon sculptures and faces attached to it, all made from stone every square inch of the building was covered with these stone images which fascinated me.  There were two circular towers with pitched roofs at either end the whole building was 5 stories high and made of stone, It wasn't threatening or scary but I was extremely curious about it.

It was at this moment I realised I was dreaming and became lucid.

After doing a bit of flying I decided to make my way to the building out of curiosity. On my journey there were many obstacles on the way trying to find it, then the dream went off on a slight tangent and I found myself in another place/building or house which was dimly lit. Inside there were people there but I had no connection with them. Then I remembered my original purpose which was trying to find this magical building but couldn't find an exit to where I was, so I used my lucidity and jumped through a wall and landed back into my original  dreamscape near the top of the hill. The sun was shining again, clear brilliant blue sky, it seemed this was the main part of the town lots of houses etc all made from stone very oldie worldie.

I finally arrived at the building around the back. I find two stone staircases one going down to the entrance of the building (a huge opening with large double oak doors with a stone arch surrounding) and one going up to a garden, again many statues everywhere many dragons, incredible detail/beauty. I couldn't make up my mind whether to venture into the house or go into the garden as they both had my attention this is when I woke unfortunately.

On waking I believed that the building actually existed and really wished I could have stayed in this dream longer so as to explore the house and garden. I was left feeling very pleasant and happy.

Although this dream was a few days ago now, I'm still thinking of the building. I'm a bit of an artist and I may attempt to draw it at some stage.

Dream Interpretation / Entering The Magic Dimension of the Flux
« on: February 04, 2020, 11:40:51 AM »
In the dream I was with a woman who was on my right. I have no clear picture of her face and no sense of who she was. But I did feel close to her emotionally, and we were holding hands. Together we walked into a large building. I have the impression of it being a square tall block, like an old-fashioned office building, but quite nice looking and well preserved. I believe my woman companion had been in the place before. I say this because I was feeling slightly uncertain and she was feeling confident and supportive, walking ahead of me and slightly pulling me along.

Inside the front door of the building was a wide passageway probably about 15 or 20 feet wide leading straight ahead. Not far along this corridor something completely filled the space in front of us. It looked like a screen of energy, perhaps like patterns of energy with just a little material substance.

With no real hesitation the woman and I walked into this wall of energy. I believe we knew more or less what would happen - that we would be absorbed and become wholly a part of this life form. As we walked into it I was trying to analyse what was happening and what it felt like. I lost all sense of my body as a dense form, but I could still feel my partner’s hand in mine in a very delicate way - again like energy playing upon energy. I could feel that the energy had totally penetrated me and was working on me in a healing way that would transform all of me. My impression was that thousands of individuals had merged to share their abilities and being with me, and I was sharing with them, forming an amazing wholeness. It felt very healing. Also, I felt that we could decide upon our own movement, and it seemed as if we were still walking within this life form. So, I knew we could walk out again and return to our solid body form. Chris

I had the sensation a snake curling up around me. I then began to see serpents’ faces all over the wall - then I saw myself as a fat, pot-bellied snake slithering gaily away to destruction, I felt horrified and thought, “Whose destruction?” I then realised it was my own destruction - I was destroying myself. I seemed to be having a battle between life and death-it was a terrific struggle, but life won. I then saw myself on the treadmill of life-a huge wheel was going round and round with hundreds of people on it. Some were on top going confidently through life, others were getting jostled and trodden on but still struggling to go on living (I saw myself as one of these people) and then there were the others who just couldn’t cope with life and were being crushed to death in the wheel. I had another realization of how I was destroying myself-by carrying on this affair with this married man. . . . I knew it must cease and knew that I must never see him again.

Dream Interpretation / In A Beautiful Vibrant Emerald Green Dress
« on: January 21, 2020, 09:28:58 AM »
Hello. I was wondering about a dream my mother had, as whenever she dreams about my grandmother (who passed away over 5 years ago) its usually to tell her something. This particular dream involves me, so I am curious as to its meaning. In my mothers dream my grandma was in her mid 30s (which is a few years older than me) and she is in a beautiful vibrant emerald green dress and shoes, and in the dream my mom recalls that I also was wearing a green dress also.

My mother doesn’t recall anything else happening in her dream, but just remembers feeling good about the dream, it seemed very positive. I wonder if this has anything to do with my constant wonder and questioning about my life path, and whether I am on the right track?? My life has taken many turns in the last 3 years, so I am just hoping for stability, peace and moving forward financially and in my personal life.
Thank you – Nadine

Dream Interpretation / An Aggressive Great Bald Eagle Attacking
« on: January 14, 2020, 09:49:18 AM »
Tony, please help interpret.  I had a dream just now where I saw two giant bald eagles walking towards each other.  One stronger and more violent, attacks the other and I rush over to try to protect it.  The giant aggressive eagle has me pinned to the ground and I can’t move.  I’m trying to avoid it’s giant beak and worried it will peck at my face.  I call to my girlfriend to come over and free my arm so I can try to protect myself.  I woke up as I was pulling my arm out from under my blanket.  Any suggestions? 

Dream Interpretation / Tigers Roaming About
« on: January 09, 2020, 12:21:04 PM »
I had a dream..Me and some of my family members went to a strange place … Firstly there was very few houses..Then we discovered more..And also we discovered that tiger resides to this place like normal beings..You will find them anywhere you go.. I saw the tigers only resting,calm and composed..Then we visited a temple..There we’re also tiger and tiger cubs. We listened to the voices of people being chased by tiger cubs or tiger. And after sometime we all were afraid that the tiger might Chase us.. some people were calm.and the idea was those who stayed calm, tiger would never chase them..And then another moment appears a tiger cub chase people..

The people get anxious and start screaming and running in groups.Thr tiger cub came inside the group of people very fast and everyone was. Trying to protect herself and started pushing each other. In this scenario the tiger cub bite onto my leg but somehow I backed off and protected myself. Then the chase continued.I decided to go inside the temple and I stood there.now there were less people.yhe tiger cub came inside very calmly. He was was very small..But in my mind it was like he was searching for me..He looked on me and started staring with the kiddish eyes .Inside my heart I knew I will run if he will attack on me… Wandering around he sat on a box..I advised the priest of the temple to cover the box so that it could not chase anyone.it happened we all were relieved.then after this me and my family thought to go further.it was raining..And it was some Forest like place.and I don’t remember further what happened.

Dream Interpretation / My Dead Grandmother
« on: January 05, 2020, 11:57:33 AM »
I was dreaming about my deceased grandmother. I was searching for her in a dream, I even went to the police to say that she is missing, I kept asking where is she .. but in the back of mind I knew she already had died… than I woke. up.. and I light her a candle.

I would really appreciate your help with analysis.
Thank you - Deep

Dream Interpretation / My husband was killed in a mining accident
« on: December 01, 2019, 12:52:19 PM »
My husband was killed in a mining accident five years ago. We had been married for just five months. I’m 26 now, and live alone in what was “our" house.

Since he died I have had three broken relationships, and am now involved, gently, with someone else. I have no fears— well, not apparent ones— and have a responsible job. However, after my husband was killed, at first I had what I would have thought were normal dreams about him. Eventually, after a nightmarish phase where he turned on me. the dreams faded away. Then, after seeming to cope comparatively well, two years after his death I suffered a kind of backlash. I had some disturbing experiences. I was awakened by a peculiar heavy atmosphere around me. Then my whole body would start to be enveloped in the atmosphere, feet first. I would start to shake uncontrollably from top to toe as if by vibration. I didn’t want to go to wherever I felt I was going — infinite blackness— but felt less and less able to resist. Strangely I wasn’t afraid. It felt like an event rather than a dream. But once it started while I was dreaming. I was trying to get out of a car. I was clinging to the side of the car in the dream while the “event” took place. When I woke I was clinging to the bed in exactly the same way. Denise   



Questions about dreams / Sit Down – You’re Rocking the Boat
« on: November 29, 2019, 12:31:10 PM »
From the book Life and Death

Dr. Karagulla, a famous neurologist, in her book Breakthrough to Creativity, has described an experiment she made with two doctors. To test heightened sensory perception she blindfolded one of the doctors and gave him a photograph. It was a medical picture of a pregnant woman. He was asked to pass his fingertips over the photograph and report any impressions and sensations. At this the other doctor began to protest that what she was asking was not possible. But at this point the blindfolded doctor began to speak of impressions which vividly described the picture he held. The other doctor began to protest so violently, and began to feel so ill, the experiment had to be terminated.

When we demonstrate, or even talk positively about a viewpoint that disagrees with another person’s firmly held convictions of what is real, they may become violent, feel ill, faint or fail to hear what is being said. When Jung explained and demonstrated to Freud his ideas concerning man’s spiritual nature, Freud fainted. When Dr. Wilhelm Reich demonstrated a view of the universe and human existence not acceptable to his fellow scientists and society in America, his books were burnt, equipment smashed, and he was put in prison.
In the past, social response was usually violent. Jesus was crucified for daring to actually demonstrate the validity of his views. Socrates was given the hemlock. Savonarola was crucified in Italy. Millions such as the Cathars in France, and the early Christians, were tortured and murdered. Somebody should have said to them – ‘Sit down, you’re rocking my boat. Shut up, you’re shattering my reality.’

In general life however, our present ideas of and relationship with reality, is not shattered except in extreme situations of stress of shock. Our existence is one of growing Self realisation and gradual adaptation and change to reality. New views and a changed relationship only occur to us when in some way we invite them, or seek them, or actually produce them. We cannot, except with much pain, and usually, sickness, stop ourselves growing up. We cannot, without similar results, stop ourselves moving toward a greater awareness of reality. It is in our nature to do so.

For instance, let us make an experiment in the process of dying. This will begin to show in a yet deeper manner, how we create our world, and how we break free of the very situations we create. If it is true we create, even unconsciously, our heaven and hell, then if we are to cope with our experience of death, and of course of life, it is as well to understand how we can consciously break the situation we find ourselves in. Up to a certain stage in our growth as people, this knowledge is not important or necessary. Without any effort or understanding on our part we are born, we grow, we perhaps marry and have children. We exist and die. The creative and destructive forces and cycles of the universe act in and through us without our being aware of them. They live us, and our life and death will travel on one way or another, carrying us along through experience after experience, quite spontaneously. But there comes a point in the process of becoming an individual where we begin to wonder where our actions, our likes, dislikes, fears, circumstances, sickness or health, our very existence, arise from. We seek to become conscious of who we are, where we came from, where we are going. We also seek to consciously direct our own experience, and this faces us with the nature of our being.

Mastering Fate
You may already feel you are the master of your own fate. But of course, if you chose not to eat, or drink, or breathe, or die, you would see your area of free will is quite tiny. Some people, facing impending death, are so horrified by the idea that some other power than their own will is moving them toward death, they commit suicide. Nevertheless, our area of will direction can expand. Let us make two experiments to see how we break through results to causes, and direct results by manipulating causes.

For the first experiment, seek to remember and record your dreams for some weeks. Everybody dreams, even if they do not remember, and the interest in the dream life will usually cause them to break through into consciousness. Watch for a dream that presents an area of fear or difficulty or paradox. If none of these appear, literally challenge life to show you something of your fears. Common dreams which arise in this way are – being chased or attacked by a creature or person -drowning – falling into a hole but hanging on grimly to the edge – diving into a pool or the sea, but being afraid of the depth – battles – impending darkness -cataclysm – etc.

A dream of this nature dreamt by a woman is as follows. ‘The ground is icy and very slippery. I notice an open window touching the ground in the wall of the Royal Oak Inn. It leads to a dark cellar. My feet seem to lead me there against my will, I’m afraid I shall fall in.’

A paradoxical dream may be a harmless snake – a tame tiger – an unexploded bomb – a nice murderer – and so on.

The nature of the experiment is, having found such a dream, to explore it. A dream is a result, and we wish to search for causes. From the evidence already presented, it seems likely death faces us with a heaven or hell rather like dreams. If we learn to pierce dreams and break through into underlying causes, we will have the ability to do the same during death, and to escape not only from our hell, but from our heaven, which also may be a prison.

Here is how we explore the dream and conduct the experiment. Supposing the dream is as the one above, a dark cellar you are afraid of, you now sit where, for a few minutes, you will not be disturbed and can be quiet with closed eyes. Relax your body by tensing the muscles and letting go of them. Relax the mind by letting go of opinions, moral judgements, your desires and will. In fact take the sort of attitude and feelings you allow to happen as you go to sleep – let go.

Now recreate in your mind’s eye the images of the dream. Stand in imagination before the cellar door – or see again the creature you ran from – or the unexploded bomb – or the deep pool. You do not have to have a perfect picture. Now do the thing you feared to do in the dream! Walk into the cellar – let the awful man or creature catch you – kick the unexploded bomb, dive into the pool.

Toward Inner Suppleness
If you have not let go of your preconceived opinions, moral judgements or self will, very little will happen. If you have become mentally fluid and supple however, you will suddenly find you have pierced right through the barrier of fear, of morality, of intellect, into the underlying causes of your dream feelings and imagery. In this way you may experience past events in your life that gave rise to the fear felt in the dream. You may release passions or anger held back by moral values, and because they are held in the unconscious, emerge in the sleep or death experience as a violent creature or person, creating inner circumstances we did not will. Or you may break through into parts of your nature quite unknown, and discover locked up love, wisdom, creativity, or a ‘voice from behind you telling you important information or givine valuable insights.’

You must understand from the start that to ‘wake up,’ to explore oneself in this way, to break through into other levels of reality, is not easy. To face your life and death experience in this way requires heroic qualities, perseverance, trust, an ability to surrender your ego, and much patience. The woman who dreamt of the dark cellar door eventually explored it, not consciously as above, but in a following dream. She opened the door and saw a huge engine room filled with smoke. Guards had been removed from fires. “I desperately wanted to close the door” she says, “but I felt that if I didn’t go down into the engine room and replace the guard, the fires might harm my children.

So I climbed down and over the top of two engines. I fasten the guard securely round the fire. I stoke the other fires up, it is terribly hot and smoky. I must get out before I suffocate. But the engines are not working. I feel I must get them going first. There is a switch on the side of one of the engines, if I leave it I will be able to get out easily. If I press it I might not be able to get out at all.

“I decide to switch on. The room vibrates with life as the engines all begin to work. There are wheels going round and driving belts. It is very noisy. I start to climb through and over the engines. Lots of times I almost get trapped, but I wriggle free. Sweat pours off me as the room gets hotter. I begin to think I will never get out. Eventually I climb up the step ladder and through a trap door. I breathe a sigh of relief as I bolt it down.”
Prior to this dream the woman had felt fed up with her husband and children. Her emotions had been largely going out to another man. Her nerves were ‘in a shocking state,’ and she was quarrelling frequently at home. The dream shows her putting back the fire guard, which means her passions are now properly directed. The engines are representing her energy and flow of life; basically her health giving processes going on unconsciously with her. After the dream she says, “Funny, but I feel so much better, free somehow. My husband and I have got on better.” After this, things got very much better at home, although, of course, one dream does not metamorphose ones whole life or death.

It is true there comes a point in your development when inner values can be used to direct your outer behaviour, but generally the rules for physical life are different to those for the inner life. Brought up as we are on a tremendous amount of physical exterior experience, where fire burns, animals can rend us, cars smash or kill, people attack, rape or damage us, if not in body, then in reputation, it is no wonder we often fail to quickly see the rules governing inner experience. In the subjective and interior worlds of ourselves, quite different laws are involved; and in the transcendental these are different again.

The above experiment shows, if we persist in it, how in the world of inner experience, by walking directly into fear and danger we pass right through it into another dimension of experience, like Alice through the looking glass. Not only do we pass through it, but in doing so we usually undo it, as the woman did above, where she ‘undid’ the damaging flow of emotion outside marriage, and her irritability to children and husband. In the inner world things are back to front. It is not being hit by the pursuer that can cause us grievous harm, it is running away and avoiding the blow which can hurt us. For by avoiding it we are literally running away from ourself, and therefore not finding out why we desired to hit in the first place. The attacker, the depth, the door, the creature, are all ourself. When we dive into ourself; when we let our split-off anger hit us; when we let the ravaging wolf eat us; then we are allowing these parts to unite with consciousness and become known.
The tremendous impact of breaking through into another level of our being that this experiment affords if persisted in, shows where some ancient doctrines arose from. The yama and niyama of Yoga, which is one of its earliest stages, before meditation; and the Christian meekness, apply very definitely to inner levels of experience. The crucifixion is an example again of how if we consciously allow ourselves to meet the negative within, it thus becomes known and redeemed. The experiment also shows us some of the basic rules for entering into and metamorphosing our inner life. We face and walk into danger – fire – -darkness — the depths. We allow the attacker to hit us – the creature to eat us – the snake to bite – the awful sensualist to be unresisted. Strangely enough this comes to us loud and clear in the New Testament, Matthew 5: 39, where Jesus says – ‘But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.’

Questions about dreams / Your Personal Unconscious
« on: November 12, 2019, 09:43:14 AM »
This is like living in a huge building in which a small part exists above the ground but a massive amount is below the surface.

The above ground most of us are well aware of where there is a sense of separate existence, with definite boundaries where one meets a lower level.

This meeting with a larger YOU is often for many people a great shock, because they have lived their life totally wrapped in the small world of their physical senses. The human personality – the You that you call yourself, with a name, is only a tiny thing. It is moved and tossed around by all manner of drives, ambitions, emotions, fears, temptations, worries, love and desire with its pains and hopes; it is something we take so seriously and get carried away into awful situations.

When we begin to meet the Hugeness that we are, we often react to it in our dreams or in waking with fear or panic. So we dream of being attacked by aliens or frightening creatures; or being swallowed by a whale or something huge, hit by a tsunami, or even possessed by evil entities. If we realise that they are things we have created through our own fear we will pass on. See https://dreamhawk.com/wp-content/uploads/MentalLevels.jpg

First Underground Level
If you have never met this level before and dealt with the fears or panics held here, we will judge the world with its many other levels as a hell-hole and avoid any other exploration of it. That is because this is where we store all the hurts, truamas, fears and thought or desire we dare not allow ourselves to experience.
Example: I had also uncovered a somewhat less powerful move on the part of one of his female cousins. During his most teenage years, and while still an unwilling virgin myself, she had stood before him in a dressing gown, and under the pretext of demonstrating a rather rhythmic swimming motion, had let her gown fall open revealing her naked body.

He had naturally always remembered this event very clearly. But He had not realised her powerful influence until that moment. He had not realised how much he wanted to enter her and also how much he had repressed that desire for seventeen years. Even the youngest child is now bound to feel it is not the thing to lust for relatives in that way.

That is simply one aspect of what is repressed. We often have painful traumatic events from early childhood that we have no awareness of – except the cloud over our good feelings leading to a host of difficult emotional responses.

Another example:
I was myself, and dreamt I had spent a long time following clues in my search into the unconscious. One particular line of clues had led me to go through a door in the house in which I lived.

The door led to an area somewhat like a cellar or basement. It was certainly down some steps, but I felt more as if it were an almost secret place within the house rather than underneath it. It was dark, with no windows though, and was similar to being down deep. I was the detective following clues. To follow the clues I tried an experiment. I sat in this interior place facing a tunnel. It was maybe about five or six feet high. Where I sat was dimly lit, but the tunnel led into complete blackness and the unknown. I believe I repeated some keywords and looked into the tunnel.

I had neither warning nor expectation for what happened next. I was overwhelmed by terror, as if the very darkness of the tunnel was a living force of fear that entered me and consumed me. I screamed and screamed uncontrollably in reaction. Nevertheless, a part of me was observing what had happened, and was amazed and realised I had found something of great importance. Somehow I managed to turn my screaming self away from the tunnel. But on my right – it had appeared to be behind me – was another tunnel that brought about the same terror.

I managed to get to the door, open it and get back into the everyday part of the house. I also feel as if I have had many, many dreams involved in the house, that I have never brought to consciousness before.
The dream describes the terror that we run from and so hide in unconsciousness. Later in exploring his reactions the dreamer realised it was a huge trauma he had experienced during a surgical operation when was nine years old.

The first level beyond waking awarenes is this hell hole of terros, fears, traumas that you have never dealt with. If you can dare allowing this level to be felt you pass on to a wider and more intersting, full of wonder and creativity world of experience. See https://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/explorations-in-wonder/

Questions about dreams / Yoga and Dreams
« on: October 21, 2019, 08:11:29 AM »
One of the impressive observations to be found in the literature on yoga practices, yet seldom if at all in Western physiology or psychology, is the connection between the breath and the mind. Such yoga teachings state that there is always a connection between the breath and mental states. It can be observed for instance that when angry a person’s breath is agitated and quite different to when the person is mentally focused on something like a mathematical problem. There is yet another difference in the breathing and the mental state when the person is asleep.

Using the control of the breath, the posture of the body, and other disciplines, practitioners of the various types of yoga in India and other countries in the Far East, explored the dimensions of the mind. From such explorations traditional yoga defined four basic modes of consciousness. These are: 1] Waking consciousness. 2] Consciousness while asleep and dreaming. 3] Consciousness while asleep but not dreaming. 4] Cataleptic consciousness.

Different levels of consciousness
One could add to this the condition of being asleep and dreaming, yet awake in the dream. Apart from waking consciousness, one is usually asleep/unconscious while experiencing these levels or modes of consciousness. But through the discipline of meditation or breath control, the practitioner can gradually enter into these ‘sleep’ modes while still maintaining a form of waking awareness. In modern dream terminology this is called lucidity. See https://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/the-waking-lucid-dream/ and https://dreamhawk.com/body-and-mind/the-end-user/#Bodiless

This has in it something of the situation one faces when entering into a different environment than is considered normal for human life. For instance swimming under water confronts us with quite a different experience of ourselves and the environment than in our normal everyday life of walking around on the surface of the earth. In fact dreams often use the image of the sea, or swimming under water to portray this entrance into our sub-conscious or sub-ordinary life. The reason this ability to remain lucid in sleep is sought, often through long years of discipline, is because of the greatly enlarged realm of mental and physical possibilities open to the successful practitioner. Principally however, it is to find a level of consciousness beyond the limitations presented by ‘normal’ dualistic experiences of thoughts, emotions, pain, pleasure and ignorance.

Entering consciously into the realm of sleep and dreams confronts us with a very different environment or experience than we are used to in waking. Our conscious personality had developed around the experience of life through the physical senses and thoughts. It experiences itself as part of a body – perhaps even as the body. Because of this the loss of body sensation is frequently equated with death. The personality is also used to perceiving all things other than its own body, thoughts and emotions as belonging to an exterior and separate world and beings. It is thus very dualistic in its interpretation of what is experienced, and this dualism is difficult to drop as consciousness enters what is virtually an alien world of experience. In waking, any person or animal we perceive, we can be fairly certain they are an exterior reality. When diving beyond the level of waking consciousness, these rules do not apply. Any being one meets may very well be an objectification of, or unacknowledged aspects of, oneself. See https://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/dimensions-of-human-experience/

There are other differences. In sleep the brain and senses function quite differently to what they do while awake. While dreaming the body is paralysed due to the brain inhibiting nerve impulses to the voluntary muscles. Any waking awareness or lucidity that remains, feels itself much more totally influenced by spontaneous forces, as demonstrated by the dream process itself, where enormous anxieties, sexual feelings, and spontaneous physical movements are experienced and represented by different images or scenes. There is nothing really dangerous about this, but unless one recognises it very clearly as an awareness of the powerful forces of the psyche and body seen without their shielding cover of dull waking consciousness, it can be extremely disturbing. The following example illustrates how someone enters such an experience, and the first levels of what may be found.

The aim of yoga in relationship to dreams is to move through their apparent reality by remaining lucid in sleep as described above. Perhaps another way of describing it is to see if the dream can be resolved into its constituent components. The reason being that the practitioner of traditional yoga was, or is, in search of the real – something that does not break down under analysis or awareness. One of the examples of this is told in yoga when the teacher asks the student to say what a house is. Gradually the student is led to see that it is a sum of parts, the bricks, the mortar, the wood, the nails, the windows, and so on. In breaking it down to its parts it disappears as a house. Similarly when human personality is looked at in the same way, it is not a stable reality, but a sum of parts. So the yogi is looking to see what lies behind the parts, until there is something indivisible. In fact yoga philosophy claims a self existent reality is discovered as the noise of our thoughts and emotions are quietened. An example of this is described below, and excellently shows the sequence of such discovery.

Example: I had been exploring my dreams as fully as I could, and also trying to get under the surface of my mind, so to speak. Then one night I had the following dream. In it I was looking at a plant, rather like a fern. As I watched it unfolded rapidly, its leaves growing before me. At that point I suddenly became aware that there was an unfolding process in my body as long held tensions dropped away, and the dream image of the plant was an expression of this.

Then I was fully awake in my dream and realised that my dream, perhaps any dream, was an expression in images of actual events occurring unconsciously in myself. I felt enormous excitement, as if I were witnessing something of great importance. Quoted from Lucid Dreaming

Dream Interpretation / Your life journey is not over
« on: October 16, 2019, 09:32:26 AM »
In the dream I was, along with Trish and a number of other people, all in Ashram.  We were all sitting or moving around in the meditation room and in the larger part of the hall.  It had the atmosphere of a group who had been exploring their own limitations or difficulties.  This was rather like the therapy groups I used to run, except that I wasn’t leading this one, at all, but seemed to be a participant.

Suddenly, my friend Pete was there and started complaining that nobody was working with him.  My impression was that he had suddenly woken up to what was going on and so had missed some of what had happened.  I laughed and said that he needed to join in.

There was a another section of the dream, and I am not sure exactly where it appeared, but it was to one side of the hall – on the left I think.  Trish, Pete and I were in a small side area of the hall.  I was standing in the middle of this place, the size of which was probably about ten foot by eight foot; on each side of me were mattresses on the floor which we use to avoid sitting on a hard floor.  On my left Trish was lying on a mattress covered up and asleep.  On my right was another mattress that Pete had been sleeping on, but he was now standing next to me.  He came very close to me and held me.  I felt as if he really wanted my close love and attention.  I slightly resisted this, and at the same time was looking at Trish wondering if she was going to wake up.  She seemed to snuggle more deeply into the mattress and blankets.

Then another part of the dream occurred in which I was first aware of a fireplace, once more on the left side of the hall.  As this part of the dream developed the fireplace became more deeply inset.  Then the inset enlarged until it was about 8 feet across and fifteen feet deep, forming a deep alcove, dimly lit, in which a number of people sat.  Amongst them were Carl Jung, Pete, and some people I cannot remember.

The atmosphere was very cosy and easy going, and as I entered into the alcove I felt we could now start really working with each other in self awareness and exploration.  As this happened I noticed that on the left to the far wall was a fireplace.  There was a really lovely glowing fire in it, which seemed to be a mixture of real coals and electricity.

Dreamt on April 25th 2008 Tony

Hello Tony.

Thank you so much for this and for the site. I travel a lot and also have your dream dictionary in book form for when I’m in the Jungle or flying. 

Dream analysis has really made a difference for me in the past 6 month. I was wondering if you offer any training in dreams or is it a case of just doing it as much a possible and the depth of knowledge will come?

I was on the roof of an old RV, the rear of the roof was kind of collapsing, I added something to cover it. Then I was inside under where the repairs had taken places, looking down a hallway and a child came running to me, he ran into a corner sticking out of the  right side of the wall on the way to me and bounced across the hallway into the bathroom on the  left, he fell down in Childs pose and was laughing and smiling at me or the woman who was to my right when looking down the hallway  and I felt closeness and trust with her like I’ve not felt with a woman before. End

Entering the dream later, I had fixed the `RV roof to spic and span. It was parked by a body of water, a lake.

Realised I was running from my mother looking back at her and behind her were all my ancestors and some kind of big red blood stain over them.
The smile I had in the bathrooms was a fake put on smile.

After I drifted upwards into space and saw my ancestors like a funnel into the now roofless RV and then I just drifted out into the cosmos which freaked me out a bit.


Dream Interpretation / “Coming out of my shell” as a painter.
« on: October 06, 2019, 09:33:03 AM »
My son and I have been fans of your Dream book for years. It has helped both of us learn wisdom and guidance from our dreams that has helped us in our lives. Learning from nightmares has been extremely helpful and we both rarely have them now because we have learned from them. I want to thank you for the many gifts your book and web site have given us.

I could not remember all the details of my dream last night but at least a few symbols that stood out. I found a nest of large eggs and knew I needed to care for them so they could hatch safely. I also remember seeing a large bird that landed in a large pine tree. I was trying to figure out if it was a hawk or an eagle. As I looked closer, I saw the white feathers of a bald eagle. I love eagles and hawks. The nest, eggs and eagle were all positive discoveries for me.

I am focusing on “coming out of my shell” as a painter. I also am researching the art world to get a bigger picture of what art I want to pursue. There are many choices today. I also am aware I need to protect my creativity from criticism and pressures from others who will either try to sabotage your creative goals or try to control you. I am trying to grow inwardly to feel a sense of independence and freedom to explore artistic expression as I choose. After reading your symbols about birds, nests, eggs and hawk/eagle, I see I am growing into a good place to explore and express myself creatively and to protect my creativity as well.
I am extremely grateful to your research about dreams. Your dream is my favorite. You have given a great gift to humanity. I think dream work should be taught to everyone from childhood.
I can’t thank you enough - Pamela

Dream Interpretation / Suicidal Dream
« on: September 30, 2019, 11:23:43 AM »
Keep having occasional dreams of a particular friend committing suicide. And the scary thing is that same friend in reality is prone to depression and such acts and I put my time into checking up on them and making them happy and not think about that but it’s scary and terrifying. And in the dream I end up blaming myself. I just hoped it goes away. Ann

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