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Author Topic: Horrible post accident scene - died human body parts spreaded all along the road  (Read 1991 times)


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Dear Tony,

I have registered in this site just after that weird dream a day back. But its killing me..

Here is the scene : Im driving a two-wheeler  (bicycle / bike, cant remember) with my friend sitting back.
I am seeing a post accidental scene suddenly, hands, legs, blood, flush all along the road. I was not able to see that any more. so riding slowly with closing my eyes . <woke up> (i had a feeling that the dead one was my family member)

Could you please explain this. Im not able to concentrate on my work .

BTW, this site is awesome..started reading all your posts, may god and nature bless you, thumbs up!

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Tony Crisp

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Vishnu - Thanks for seeing the site as awesome and your blessings, which were received and felt.

It is possible that this is an actual foresight of a family member's death - was it an aunt you felt was the dead person?

But such things are shadows cast forward from the present. They are only shadows cast because of present situations, and if the situations are changed so are the shadows cast.

It has been proved that prayer can often avert such tragedies. So pray to Ganesh - the remover of obstacles - or to the holy presence in your life and family to heal the situation. Also it would help to imagine yourself back in the dream and alter it so there is no death on the road. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/secrets-power-dreaming/

Even if the dream is not about the death of an actual person but an aspect of you, it is still good to use the method described.

I also ask That which stands beyond our small selves to bless and help in this situation.