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Author Topic: Broken Tooth  (Read 50 times)


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Broken Tooth
« on: December 17, 2016, 08:10:45 PM »
The implant I have on the lower right side of my mouth, 3rd molar, broke in 2 in last night's dream. I took the two pieces out and held them in my hand where they shattered in multiple pieces. I was upset about how quickly it broke after the implant which was only a few months ago and was considering the cost of replacing it.

Tony Crisp

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Re: Broken Tooth
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2016, 11:24:50 AM »
Hi - I am sorry to suddenly stop replying to dreams like this, but I must upgrade the dream dictionary – I started the revising in 2006, and haven’t neared the end yet. 

So, for a while I urge you to read

Also here are so ways you can find your dreams meaning - - or and

Hundreds of questions about your dreams have already been answered if you scroll down to the very bottom of the page were people’s questions/comments were replied to. Also, see


Hints about your dream – I have a sense that you have been facing a difficult life situation, and have felt that you didn’t have the ability/equipment to deal with it. Also, the cost of meeting the difficulty seems too much.

But you are the very new being of a line of forebears who have lived through and survived extra ordinary and life threatening situations. So, you have abilities that you have not unwrapped, but are waiting for your action to release them.

Why not try using - or simply ask a question, and without trying to think out the answer, close your eyes and wait for the answer to arise in words, pictures or feelings. It is a method our ancestors used.