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Author Topic: Glimpsing My Wonderful Potential  (Read 1736 times)

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Glimpsing My Wonderful Potential
« on: February 08, 2020, 12:43:25 PM »
Hi Tony and thanks for taking the time I appreciate it.

The detail in this dream is like nothing I've ever experienced before.
I do experience lucid dreaming from time to time but this was a dream journey like no other. I do understand some aspects of the dream but don’t understand the whole picture and some of the elements.

I was walking towards a town that was in the distance, it looked very picturesque it could have been anywhere, a very bright and sunny day, very clean. Around me were low level stone buildings pitched tiled roofs very pretty very green lots of trees no people or cars just me, I follow a long winding road to a hill and the town.

I see a building in the distance on top of that hill. The building was enormous, mythical, magical; gothic maybe, totally stunned me! Hundreds of gargoyles and dragon sculptures and faces attached to it, all made from stone every square inch of the building was covered with these stone images which fascinated me.  There were two circular towers with pitched roofs at either end the whole building was 5 stories high and made of stone, It wasn't threatening or scary but I was extremely curious about it.

It was at this moment I realised I was dreaming and became lucid.

After doing a bit of flying I decided to make my way to the building out of curiosity. On my journey there were many obstacles on the way trying to find it, then the dream went off on a slight tangent and I found myself in another place/building or house which was dimly lit. Inside there were people there but I had no connection with them. Then I remembered my original purpose which was trying to find this magical building but couldn't find an exit to where I was, so I used my lucidity and jumped through a wall and landed back into my original  dreamscape near the top of the hill. The sun was shining again, clear brilliant blue sky, it seemed this was the main part of the town lots of houses etc all made from stone very oldie worldie.

I finally arrived at the building around the back. I find two stone staircases one going down to the entrance of the building (a huge opening with large double oak doors with a stone arch surrounding) and one going up to a garden, again many statues everywhere many dragons, incredible detail/beauty. I couldn't make up my mind whether to venture into the house or go into the garden as they both had my attention this is when I woke unfortunately.

On waking I believed that the building actually existed and really wished I could have stayed in this dream longer so as to explore the house and garden. I was left feeling very pleasant and happy.

Although this dream was a few days ago now, I'm still thinking of the building. I'm a bit of an artist and I may attempt to draw it at some stage.
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Re: Glipsing My Wonderful Potential
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2020, 12:45:22 PM »
This a wonderful description of you, not the everyday waking you, but the amazing potential you have as an artist, as a LIFE builder, for the building is what you have created through many lifetimes. The detail you have put into the dragons and art is impressive. I got that you have as apart of your life journey that of an artist before you told me that in signing off.

Such a building holds within it and the garden the secrets of your spirit and your long story of your lives as an artist creating a beautiful life/lives – for the building is what I call ‘The house of the Ancestors’. It is the synthesis or culminations of your inner life/lives. If you draw it I would love see what you produce, for whatever you feel about yourself as an artist the dream is unusually artistic.

In case you are unsure if that please read - https://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/seed/

The brightness and the sunlight in dream language say that you have a lot of life and creative energy. The hill is your ability to rise above the normal attitudes and beliefs of the crowd. I feel it might put you in touch with the reality of the building if you use https://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson
There are no people in the building, which is a feature of such dreams for the dream is about you, not other people. See https://dreamhawk.com/stories/the-house-of-the-ancestors/ which describes exploring such a house.

“On my journey there were many obstacles on the way trying to find it.” These obstacles are sometimes the results of past actions or beliefs that now stand in the way of progress – karma. But also can be what has been called the Dweller on the Threshold. In a dream I had experienced as I entered my own Old House I was confronted by Lurch, Frankenstein’s monster from the film series.  I realised that as Lurch I am the Guardian of the Threshold, the inner image of what holds u back because of past actions that are like negative emotions or fears blocking our way. Unless we  have transformed or are in the process of transforming these there can be no entrance into this realm unless the seeker passes on.  And there are tests he or she must pass also.
Such a meeting is expressed in many ancient stories such as sleeping beauty where the hero/seeker has to cut through huge brambles which many have died trying to kiss the sleeping beauty, for you have to face the many things you have grown within you that prevent you from entering your core self. See https://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/core/
You wrote, “I found myself in another place/building or house which was dimly lit. Inside there were people there but I had no connection with them.” Probably because you lost the wonderful view you had achieve. It might be worthwhile to consider what mood or state of mind allowed you to have this dream.

But in the end I feel you never actually inhabited the house, the garden that is your power of growth, and the dragons. Your dragons never came to life – a huge pity and I suggest you start to wake them. Because the part of our mind we name ‘the unconscious’ is so ancient and huge, we sometimes depict contact with it as a dragon or monster. In myths the hero is often shown doing battle with a dragon, serpent or some other monster, to get a treasure. This is probably because the dragon depicts the massive and irrational forces of the unconscious, the life urges and untamed fears and sexuality that one must face and deal with in order to gain the treasure of potential locked in sexual, mental and emotional energy.

Example: In the dream I entered a cave and I saw a dragon resting inside, it woke up, saw me and we stared at one another for a moment and then it moved and I saw a sack of diamonds and diamonds overflowing/ coming out from the cave wall, it looks like the dragon was guarding it.

Example: “This dream I had few years ago but can’t get it out of my head ever since, I know it’s very important and related to my spiritual path.

So, I am holding a rope attached to the tail of a humongous black hooded dragon. I am struggling to hold on, it looks like we’re inside the earth, there’s dirt, mud and rocks everywhere and the Dragon seems like swimming in it. The dragon tries to throw me away with its tail but can’t do it, then he/she tries to eat me and appears as if she/he is chasing its tail, but can’t. The terrain is so rough and she/he can’t shake me off even though I am less than a mosquito to her/him. This goes on for a while but not for a moment do I think of letting go.

Then the terrain starts to get softer, less rocks, more mud, the dragon does not fight as aggressively now and I start to climb the rope getting closer to the body. The terrain gets even softer and now water appears. Finally, I reach the dragon’s body, its colossal; I can hardly catch on to one scale. Now I’m on its back and we’re into water, the experience from horrifying becomes adventurous and then pleasant. I’m climbing its back slowly and it becomes easier by the moment, then we are out of the water and flying in the air, it’s wonderful. The air starting to get thinner there is no resistance at all and the colours are becoming so vivid and psychedelic, it’s ecstatic. Finally, I reach the head and I see its beautiful face it is rounded, thorny with fantastic yellow eyes. Awe is not enough to describe that moment, I feel warm safe and loved. I don’t remember any words only this endless bliss.” See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/integration-meeting-oneself/#Ox

The Christian tradition, describes the enormous and terrible fight with the Devil, with the dragons we hold within us and paints a tragic picture of an enormous struggle with our own basic life giving energies. This view has been pushed into us by the church, which has led to enormous human conflicts with sex and its expression, and with us killing the greatest force and human treasure – knowing oneself and not lip service.

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