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-April 2017-09-11 2:15:01

I had put a twig like crown on my head and I got the impression that God thought I was making fun of the crucifixion. So all of a sudden like a sharp stick like bamboo went through the palm of my right hand and and square headed screw went through my wrist. In my other hand a red bruise formed on the middle of my palm and the top of my hand too. I was showing my friend Kim but was guarding it so much because it was painful. She kept asking to show her. I showed her my hand and said look and you could see the stick go right trough my hand. I showed her the nail too. We were all shocked! I said please God forgive me out loud over and over. Then I felt a sharp pain in my heart that made me fall to the ground. I was screaming God forgive me over and over. Then I heard an evil voice imitating me mocking me saying God forgive me God forgive me! It was so scary and real I woke up so scared. Woke my husband shaking and crying. This has never happened to me before.


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