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-April 2017-09-11 2:15:01

I had put a twig like crown on my head and I got the impression that God thought I was making fun of the crucifixion. So all of a sudden like a sharp stick like bamboo went through the palm of my right hand and and square headed screw went through my wrist. In my other hand a red bruise formed on the middle of my palm and the top of my hand too. I was showing my friend Kim but was guarding it so much because it was painful. She kept asking to show her. I showed her my hand and said look and you could see the stick go right trough my hand. I showed her the nail too. We were all shocked! I said please God forgive me out loud over and over. Then I felt a sharp pain in my heart that made me fall to the ground. I was screaming God forgive me over and over. Then I heard an evil voice imitating me mocking me saying God forgive me God forgive me! It was so scary and real I woke up so scared. Woke my husband shaking and crying. This has never happened to me before.


-Kate 2017-10-29 12:32:33

Hi, I had a dream last night which is puzzling me. I dreamt that my pet cat and another cat had managed to get hold of a golden eagle and were slowly pulling it down onto the ground. In the dream I was upset by this as I never like to see animals or creatures harmed. So I interfered with the process and suddenly a sharp pincer (like a long thin skewer) shot out of the eagle and stabbed my pet cat through the centre of its chest (the heart) and I could feel an open wound under my hand as I tried to stop the bleeding and could hear the screams of agony from my poor pet. I feel responsible for this. I try to put tissue over the wound realising that this is no way to treat a serious wound and that it will probably become infected. The pain of my cat was so vivid for me I could hardly contain myself and eventually I screamed “mum” at the top of my lungs! Although she didn’t come and a friendly, easy going man who is well known in the U.K. media came instead.

So grateful for any thoughts. I have read that eagles normally symbolise majestic powers but this eagle was not as I expected and was a graceful, silent killer. I feel that the cat represented my high achieving drive and ambition (punching above my weight). I feel that I am disconnected with that drive nowadays yet I’m conscious that that same ambition led to some stress problems, poor health and I am probably happier and more content now than I was albeit slightly lost career wise


    -Tony Crisp 2017-10-30 10:27:00

    Hi – It would help you to understand your dreams, if you would read – http://dreamhawk.com/news/summing-up/ and also http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/features-found-on-site/ which has so much information in.

    Nothing can replace your own ability to understand your dream. With a little effort you can do this by practising what is described in – http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson or http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/getting-at-your-dreams-meaning/


    Kate – Your dream describes a strange double conflict in you.

    Remember please that you cat does not signify your cat, for all the people, animals, places you see in your dreams, are simply your own feelings, fears, hopes and wonder projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind as images.

    Remember also that your cat – dream cat – was also silently killing the eagle. But you were terribly influenced by seeing the same thing done to your pet.

    You describe your cat as “my high achieving drive and ambition (punching above my weight). I feel that I am disconnected with that drive nowadays yet I’m conscious that that same ambition led to some stress problems, poor health.”

    You seem to me to be so attached to that image of yourself – for that is what your cat in the dream is – and it left you feeling bad to have it killed out in you.

    The eagle represents the ability to achieve a much more inclusive view of your life, ambition and actions – and of course this view allows you to see or feel the outcomes. To me is seems a much better outcome than the “high achieving drive and ambition (punching above my weight.” That attitude I can see leads many people to burn out, depression, a sense of failure and even suicide. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/mountain-path/

    Strange that it was the ‘cat’ you that had brought down the much better ‘eagle’ you.


-sara 2017-11-17 18:32:56

Hello, I wondered if you might help with a dream I can’t stop thinking about? I walk into a room (like a dressing room) in an official building where my husband was standing in a pair of tights enjoying the feeling and sensation of wearing them on his skin. We both looked at one another in slight shock/startled, him at being seen/caught and me at interrupting/catching him. He went to take them off but I said it’s fine just keep them on and that he had better get dressed. I felt guilty for making him feel uncomfortable and there was a sense that time was an issue, he needed to get dressed and be somewhere important. He put his trousers over the tights. The trousers were part of a uniform, like a army/military formal dress uniform.
I have no ties with the army/military – but in the dream there was a sense of responsibility and urgency to the uniform and to the meeting. I’m not sure if the tights were mine or not in the dream – it was more about the feeling, sensation of the tights on the skin and the pleasure my husband was experiencing wearing them (not in an overly sexual way, more sensual). I felt unnerved, hurt maybe that my husband was exploring/experiencing this sensation. The tights/pantyhose where a natural skin tone and feminine. I understand my husband is me in the dream but not sure I can make sense of being caught and covering up the tights in the military uniform all means. Any thoughts to untangle further would be very helpful. Many thanks.


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