Touching Your Core Self – Part 6

Allowing the power of your core to flow into your conscious life is fundamentally simple. But simple things have complexity. The difficulty is that the core is the fount of life in your being. It is the potential for all that you can achieve or become. But it is life, and as when we watch a plant grow, it may appear as if little is happening at times. The growth is occasionally only realised by comparing present with past. But sometimes life is dynamic and urgent. Then the power is obvious and even challenging.
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When this is remembered there are simple steps to releasing the power of your core.

* First you need to become quiet for a few moments and recognise the experience of your own existence. Recognise that you do not have to believe in your existence. You are convinced of it because you exist.
* Next take time to consider what you think or feel underlies your existence. Do you think of yourself as caused by chemical processes, biological activities, or maybe even mechanical and unconscious forces? Perhaps you believe that God created you. Whatever you believe, can you completely define how that came about? Or perhaps another way of asking this question is to say do you think everything is known about whatever it is that causes you to exist? For instance although we now know a great deal about life processes in biological science, life is still recognised as a mystery. Can you take that attitude to your own origins? Can you accept that at the base of your being is a mystery?
* If you can accept there is a great deal of unknown about what causes you to exist, and that despite what you have learned, you still know very little, can you accept there are possibilities about your being that you do not know and perhaps cannot grasp at present?

* The state of not knowing is important. It frees you of preconceived or rigid ideas and opinions that might stand in the way – so this step requires no belief. What it does require is a sense that there is something you do not understand that brings you into being. Take time to develop this condition of not knowing.

* When you feel the open condition active in you, state in some way that is an expression of this pivotal moment in your life, that you want the unknown mystery at your core to emerge more fully into your experience. A suggested statement is: “I come with all my being held open to the action of the mystery that is my core self.”

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* Those steps are deeply important. Unless you can take them it is unlikely that you can move more fully into meeting your core. Too many ideas, concepts, beliefs and convictions stand in the way of what is at present unknown to you. But if you can have a sense of innocence in connection with the mystery that is even now providing you with an experience of existing, then you have already begun the adventure of transcending the limitations you have lived within.

* To further that state of grace, you need to consider what is your condition as you stand before the mystery of yourself. It is helpful to ask yourself how someone gets the best out of you. Do they do this by criticising and attacking you? Do you warm to them if they are indifferent to you? Are you creative and give of your best in their presence if they have no links of sympathy with you? Whatever you arrive at as the condition that helps you to flower and express, build this into your approach, your attitude, toward the mystery that is at the heart of yourself.

* Come before the mystery of your own core every day. Spend about fifteen to thirty minutes a day open in this way. If you wish to deepen your relationship with your core, use the technique described in The Arm Circling Exercise.

As the author of this series of features on the Core, I have had over thirty years experience of opening to the mystery of my inner self. I sought it because I was ill in body and mind, suffering depression, suicidal urges, sexual problems and psychosomatic pain. Gradually I found healing and was led through an extraordinary series of experiences. I have attempted to explain what this approach to the core means and how to use it in my books Mind and Movement, and Liberating the Body. While I recognise that experts in such fields as medicine and psychotherapy are necessary and helpful, I personally never sought a teacher or therapist though I was desperately sick. For a reason I am unable to explain, I knew my own being is an intrinsic part of the universe, and of universal wisdom and power. I therefore trusted this mystery at my core to lead me in a way that was most helpful. It did, and I have been healed and deeply educated by the relationship with that incredible wonder that is at the centre of all of us.

What I observe in people around me is that they often search frantically for help from others, and pay enormous amounts of money to gain such help. I see that they have little or no real certainty of their own innate power and wonder, and so always look to others. All I can say is that perhaps for some this is necessary. But it misses one of the greatest blessings we can find. That blessing is your own inner power and connection with the Core of your own existence.


-Paul Silverstrom 2015-08-28 17:59:24

I have been struggling with depression and self-doubt for many years. I’ve seen several therapists over the years. I found your article about touching your core self extremely helpful.


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