To be adopted is double sided. It implies either the loss of parents or being rejected or left by them. On the other side it means someone has accepted you and taken you as their own child.

If adopted: Might be a sign of feeling unwanted or insecure in your family or relationships. Many children have a fantasy or belief that they were really adopted by their actual parents. This may be a way of coping with difficulties or even cruelty by parents. It enables the child to emotionally distance themselves to some extent from their parents. Some children long to discover that its real parents had lost it and will return to take it back into the love and acknowledgment it needs. This because the present relationships do not satisfy its need to feel special and wanted.

If adopting a child: You may be longing to become a parent, but uncertain about your own ability to produce a child; a need to express the enormous power of your love and caring; some sense of feeling abandoned and the attempt to give that part of yourself the love and security it needs.

See: abandoned; child; family and relationships.

Useful questions are:

Do I feel a lack of connection with my parents?

Is there a longing in me to go home – in other words to find myself in loving and caring company?

Are you dealing with your child self and caring for it – if so define what it needs and how to give it/yourself those thing.


-Rosa 2010-10-25 23:27:10

Really enjoyed the interpretation of my dream. Thank you for helping me understand.

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