Adore Adoration

Anything that we adored deeply influences or penetrates us.  Therefore we open ourselves to the influence of what is being adored.

If you are being adored:

Being loved is a very healing feeling. You might be experiencing this in your dream because you need it. Or perhaps you have achieved a greater ability to love and this is a result of that. There is of course a possibility you have an inflated sense of yourself.

What is it I adore, and what possible influence will it have on me?

If I am observing this in someone else, what is the object of love and how do I feel about it?

If this is an uplifting experience, can I observe this in my waking life at any time?


Opening oneself to the influence of what is being worshipped – an idea, a person, an object.


Inflated sense of self, unless you are meeting your own core self and feel it is holy.

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