This is a direction you are taking at the moment. The dream shows you the often hidden side of what you pursue, so the condition, mood and quality of the alley is a comment on what you are doing or feeling. Because most alleys are small, it may be saying you are leaving the main highway of your life. See: road.

Like any road it indicates your prevailing direction in, or approach to, life – this direction/approach can be either self created out of your own actions or decisions, or arise out of other peoples or social influence. But the alley suggests limited possibilities or horizons, or present limited possibilities will be overcome with effort and initiative. The ease or difficulty in the alley shows the state of your present situation.

An alley with a dead end suggests concern about a tight situation that appears to have no easy way out.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What situation in my life does this describe – limited opportunities, lessened horizons?

What is the main action in the dream and is there any connection with situations in my life?

How would I describe my situation in the dream – i.e. happy, lost, searching, etc – and in what way does that link with my waking life?

Am I walking this alley or looking down it – if the latter, what opportunity or difficulty does this suggest?

Am I involved with other people, and if so in what way?

Where am I going or what a I trying to achieve?


-Debanjali 2017-07-22 3:03:42

I had a dream of escaping a massacre and running through narrow alleys with brick walls on both sides to avoid the killers who are chasing me.

-Desire 2012-10-03 13:45:29

I had a dream i was in labor in the alley and didnt have nothing to cover my daughter but she look so beautiful made me sad and worried and by the end of the dream i ended up with a cat.

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