If you are leading the action and not one of the audience, it indicates that you have got the attention of many aspects of you, as when you become excited and enthused with an idea, plan or person. If you are one of the audience then it means you are giving attention to something that is interesting you, but you are not completely identified with it.

Standing in front of: You might be dealing with an important issue in your life which attracts the attention of many associated ideas and feelings – thus audience participation or attention. It might also be about desire for attention; baring one’s soul; self acceptance if the audience is positive – self uncertainty if the audience is negative.

In the audience: Witnessing some emotion or process in yourself; considering some aspect of your life. See: arena; Stage;.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is my role here and what am I doing or taking in?

Am I receptive to what is happening?

Am I expressing something important to me?

Use Acting on your dream to really connect with what is going on in the dream


-Katie 2016-02-11 21:47:12

I dream about my auntie at least once a week it don’t even have to be thinking about her an I do .her husband was really really heartless an when she died got rid of her stuff straight away an remarried within weeks do u fink she is trying to get through to me to tell me something or is it just a dream I also dream of her then partner enter speaking to me on a phone also strange things happen around me eg water left in strange places doors opening do u fink this is a dream or something else ?

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