A habitual and unthinking or unconscious reaction; some aspect of the body’s automatic working, or a view of the body as mechanical instead of alive and intelligent. Or perhaps an unfeeling and automatic relationship with someone or something.

If the automaton is like a created figure such as Frankenstein or a golem, then it suggests something that you are now facing that you created out of our own actions and feelings, or is active as an independent force. See: Lurch; monster; robot.

This may be a sign of a trauma from the past which makes one unfeeling and so on automatic responses.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is the automaton creative or destructive – and can you see that action in your life?

What is the automaton doing – in my life?

If I imagine myself as this thing, what do I feel or realise? For help doing this see Stand in Role and Talking As.

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