Place of romance or courting, therefore memories, the past, hopes and dreams. It could also relate to feelings of competition; relationship with other people; social position, such as feelings of class. Sometimes it suggests times past, historical scenes and the atmosphere they created. This probably relates to deep seated feelings you have about the parts of yourself you still haven’t brought to awareness. See: dancing.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What are you doing in relationship with the ballroom, and what does that suggest?

Is this a place you have been in the past – if so what memories do you have of it?

What is the theme here and what action in your life does it portray? See: themes.

See also Talking as a Dream Character and Characters in Dreams.


-Kat 2016-06-17 22:31:23

my dream: I was in a new apartment, where I lived with my parents. I was cleaning and organizing all of my things. My parents were gone and I was a bit scared to be alone. I realized I had more things to put away without having a place for them. Then I thought of this giant room in the apartment that was not being used; much like a ballroom. It had hardwood floors and one wall of closets with doors. One of the large closets had a mirror on it which I chose not to look into. I thought that I could put my things in the closets, but I was timid to fill up the empty closets. Then my father was there, and I began dancing around the room like an un-graceful ballerina in a silly way. Then I went upstairs. Upstairs was a giant apartment, where my mother told me that I could live. It was still filled with the previous occupants things. Like bicycles and toys. I ran into an older woman who told me that the little girl that lived here hadn’t moved out yet, but she will be soon. I asked her if my parents had known this when they signed the lease. The woman said something of the effect of yes – but it was my responsibility to tell them. I figured I could sleep on the downstairs couch until she left. I found other large parts of the upstairs apartment. There was another couple living there and they had their own suite. I wanted them to move out too! I wondered why my parents just didn’t take the space upstairs – as it was so huge.

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