If it is a particular band or group, it may link with how you see the group, and what you feel about them. Otherwise it could depict feelings you have at the moment about working in harmony with others, expressing your won creativity. Sometimes this refers to teenage feelings and emerging sexuality. Team work; sense of different parts of self working harmoniously; or work for a musician; teenage emotions and feelings, perhaps to do with sexuality; comradeship.

Band of metal, material or colour around something: See colours or for metal see the type of metal or ring. The band in general suggests a binding quality, a wholeness, a form of connection or unity. It can also be a limitation or restraint. In some dreams it points to an influence, quality or power, the nature of which will be seen in the events and feelings of the dream.

Elastic band: Sometimes used as a way of drawing one back when they get too far away, or as a tight band to restrict the flow of blood, and therefore the function of what is restricted.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What part am I playing in the group, and does this help me understand the way I relate to the people I am involved with?

Are we creating something as a group – if so what does it suggest?

If this is a metal or other band, what quality or restraining influence does it have?

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