barricade We can barricade ourselves from thoughts, from emotions, fro actions from outside or from within.

Example: The change had torn that away, leaving her separated from everything she had known. It was a devastating feeling to have nowhere and no one to be connected to. Growing in her was an awareness that she could, out of the aloneness, commit acts of desperation, criminal acts to the degree she had never considered before. Connection and family had unknowingly given her a barricade against an internal riot that would hit out at others. With the barricade down, even though so recently, the internal mob were shouting angrily. Bess didn’t understand the fine points of this, she simply felt like something was crushing her from the inside, and she trembled, not from the cold. Quoted from The Steel.

Barricades can stop you getting away from something or stop you getting hurt, like barricades around a hole.

It can be the defense you use against others, or events – of something used against you. May be in the form of an excuse such as “I’m too ill to go to work, or I’ll never get anywhere, so what’s the use of trying”. Perhaps you live in thought only, a dried out travesty of living; for thought of things is never things themselves, however near it comes. So you can build a wall of thought about yourself, a barricade against the need to feel and experience – against living. See: ArmourFence.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I aware of any barricades that I erect or meet in my life?

What can I do about going beyond barricades?

Are they a necessary part of my life?

Try Being the Person or Thing.

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