Good feelings about yourself; feeling recognised and warmth regarding friends. Depending on the activities and theme of the dream it might also suggest a change happening; a special time when good things or favours can come to you. Of course no birthday can cause feelings of not being appreciated.

But celebrating your own birthday in a dream does not necessarily mean the same as it does in waking life. For birth means a new you, a new opportunity to express and realise the immense potential you have. It is a time to recognise what you want to do with that potential; it does not mean an opportunity to get drunk or to go out to a posh restaurant. It is an opportunity to decide what you want to make of your life.

Someone else’s birthday: Reminder of social obligation to another person; showing of affection or otherwise; relaxed feelings. Or perhaps purposely forgetting it.

Example: I dreamt that no one, including myself, remembered my birthday – I was thirteen in December. My family were all celebrities from TV. Then one of my friends phoned to wish me happy birthday. Then my Grandma kept cuddling me and telling me how sorry she was no one had remembered. I felt very disappointed but kept saying it was OK as I also had forgotten. B – Teletext.

For B. dreaming about her birthday obviously deals with her need for affection and also a feeling of not being appreciated.

Birthday cake: The reward or gift of sensual pleasure.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What feelings are involved in the dream, and how do they relate to me at the moment?

If this is a happy dream, what makes it so?

If this is a sad dream, what happens to make it so?

See Acting on your dream


-Maria 2018-02-20 19:46:44

I dreamed that everyone forgot it was my birthday ? My mom was mad at me & then she realized it was my birthday But not even I knew like I was mad but I didn’t know it was my birthday then I don’t remember if it was a separate dream but I also dreamt that my daughter died my youngest one ?

-Danijel 2018-01-08 7:44:35

This night I dreamt I had birthday (which is actually in September). Initially, I didn’t know it was my bd until (young) people on the street started to gather around me to congratulate me. I started unfolding some paper, which was apparently a gift, and deciphering the text and images on it. As I was doing that, the perwon closest to me started singing/reciting a song. It was not a usual bd song, it was a special song and I reall felt touched by it. Then the people formed a row to congratulte me one after another. What I found interesing and almost funny is that some of them congratulated me by only a brief look into my eyes and a short smile. Next thing I remember I was opening a big box in which I found my old elementary school notebooks. They looked like new. I was really pleasantly surprized. Who gathered them like that? How did they find them all and make them so new and shiney? I immediately thought of my ex flatmate – he likes to prepare bd surprises. And sure enough, there he was, and my parents and sisters. I was pretty emotional. I don’t recall much more of that scene, I dreamt others though, as I usually do.

I think it is about my attempt to continue my studies (I got a degree last year after a decade of neglecting my studies) but in a new direction. I’ve been hesitant about that for more than 3 months now. Would you interpret this as a yes?

-Ekta 2016-09-26 9:51:33

Dear tony sir,i always see i am celebrating my own or my husbands’s birthday.i want to know how common is seeing birthday in dreams and if people tell u that they have seen their birthday so,are they still alive?pls reply me urgently sir.

    -Tony Crisp 2016-09-27 12:51:09

    Dear Ekta – You didn’t say whether your husband is dead or alive.

    I take it your husband has passed through death and you keep dreaming of his birthday. A birthday is a time of celebration for many people, and it is about the person, your husband.

    I would say that your dreams indicate both a shared inner event, and suggests that your husband is still alive in the world of the deceased.


-malisa Feliciano 2015-11-07 16:04:00

In my dream I had to keep telling everyone it was my birthday but I was happy. What does it mean?

-Kim 2014-08-17 15:37:23

Dear Sir,
Sometimes when I dream, I seem to go to this other world i.e it’s like the real world but things are mapped out differently and everytime I sleep and go to this ‘other world’, I seem to know the route and what’s what.
In any case, last night I was in this other world and I was driving. There was a house round the corner I was driving to and apparently they have decided to celebrate my birthday so I went( my birthday was back in June).
When I got to the house, there was already a group of people apparently from all over the world.
A young lady then came out and introduced herself as the host of the party. She said the people she has gathered are everyone who were born on the same day as me. She then asked me what would I like to do. They all turned and looked at me waiting for me to say something.
I am not sure what to decipher from this dream and was wondering if you could advise?
Many thanks in advance.

    -Tony Crisp 2014-08-22 8:33:05

    Kim – I believe we all go into this alternative reality you call the ‘other world’. But most people fail to see that and so get very mixed up about their dreams. So please see

    I see the dream as a form of celebrating or acknowledging your being. Dreams tend to symbolise everything in images and scenes that approximate the formless meaning streaming from deep within. So your birthday does not refer to birthdays as celebrated in the waking world, but to your birth, what potential you were born with, and what you have in you to do with that wonderful potential.

    The young lady is your female self, your intuition which is guiding you to wake up to what you want to do with your life. See to really find out about her.

    The many other people with the same birthday are probably the many past lives connected with this one.

    Example: I am in a landscape and notice that everything is brown; the whole world is brown and lifeless. There is also a feeling of solemnity or dullness. I have enough lucidity to wonder why the world of my dream is so brown and dull. As I ask this I become more aware of what feeling the brownness expresses. It is seriousness – with no room for humour or fun. The feeling deepens, real enough and clear enough to look at and understand. I see it is my father’s attitude to life that I have unconsciously inherited. I realise how anxious he always felt about life, and how I took this in. That is how I became a ‘brown’ person. I see too that I do not need to be either brown or serious anymore.

    Then the landscape changes. There are trees, plants and animals in brilliant colour. I wonder what this means, and the landscape begins to spin until the colours blend and shimmer. Suddenly my body seems to open to them, as if they are spinning inside of me, and with a most glorious feeling, a sensation of vibrating energy pours up my trunk to my head. With this comes realisation. I see how stupid I have been in my brown, anxious existence, how much life I have held back. The animals and plants are the different forces in my being that blend into energy and awareness. I feel I am capable of doing almost anything, like loving, writing a song, painting, telepathy, or speaking with the dead. This sparkling vibrating energy is life itself and can, if I learn to work with it, I can grow into any ability or direction I choose. I wake with a wonderful sense of my possibilities.


      -kim 2015-11-11 22:59:38

      Dear Tony,
      Sorry I didn’t reply any earlier( though in my mind I did!)
      Your response really enlightened me and I think I am closer to finding out what I really want to do in life.
      Kim x

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