Easy going source of relaxation and sustenance. Meeting point of different parts of your nature. See: Food; Bar (room).

But there are many possible associations here.

This is basically a place you go to satisfy hunger or thirst. So it may link with what you have eaten at a physical level, but with need for emotional and sexual hunger at a personal level. But each café has its own atmosphere and class. So it may be referring to a status or level in society or your environment.

It can also relate to easy going ways of relaxation and getting your needs, or a meeting point for different parts of your nature. This can include an indication of family connection, but often involves sexual connection in one way or another. In some dreams it may indicate danger as when the driver assaults one, or it may be the opposite as in the following example.

Example: A couple of leather jacket types started to verbally harass me. I told them to watch out, because I’d protected myself before and I’d do it again. A 3rd man said, “Ya, she’s right. Leave her alone.” I walked on. I went into a cafe to call a taxi. I think I was crying. A taxi driver there said “Hey, where do you want to go?” I said, “Are you a taxi driver?” He said, “Ya.” I said, “Let’s go.” I feel rescued. Barb.

Example: It started with me meeting a man (or rather a boy of about 17 – I’m 25) that I don’t recognize, but in the dream we knew each other. We were sitting on a couch at a café and for some reason I tried to kiss him, but instead of kissing me back, he spat me in the face. I ran out of the café to take a bus home. At the bus stop, there was a trash bin with a dead fox and a dead crow in it.

So I feel you offered love, and that is a very powerful thing – but you didn’t get the response you expected. Then you ran away. The young man represents, I guess, your feelings about wanting a man in your life, and then the rejection. The spitting comes from being confronted by something so painful. Then when you do not return you are faced by death and trash can. In other words, a dead end. You could change what are habits of reaction by using Secrets of Power Dreaming

For some people the café is a work situation and so would refer to that. See: restaurant.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What is the atmosphere of the café like? Is it course, working class, refined, expensive, etc?

What am I doing or seeking in this café?

Am I in relationship with somebody or am I seeking food or drink?

Try using Stand in role and Acting on your dream

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