Male sexuality. It can also depict prenatal forces of growth. Or sometimes destructive activities, like a bacteria, something causing disintegration.

Although sometimes the caterpillar in a dream refers to  sex in some way, it has many other associations. The caterpillar can transform from a grub like state, that sometimes depicts prenatal life and its power of growth, into a completely different creature – the butterfly or moth. So it can suggest the power in you that if cooperated with, can turn your life around from mere existence to life in a different dimension. Sometimes this links with enormous internal changes going on within.

Chrysalis and butterfly, crucifixion and resurrection, have the same significance. First there is death and burial, the caterpillar turning into chrysalis. Then a new creature is born and the resurrection takes place. These are symbols of the life of each one of us. We are all potential butterflies.

Example: Last night dreamt a science fiction sort of dream. I can only remember a small part of it. I was looking at a tiny caterpillar sort of creature. It was on the door of a cupboard, worm like, with a pointed burnt out looking tail. The thing was that the creature had within it the mind of a mature person. I was trying to communicate with it by holding up sheets of paper or cardboard on which Chinese script was written. I thought the being inside was of Chinese origin. Later in the dream I saw huge changes going on in the environment. I realised that the tiny creature and others like them were responsible for the enormous earthquake like changes occurring.

Example: Today my son dropped the container in which we had reared a beautiful caterpillar. It had shed one skin, grown to a wonderful size and loveliness, with enormous fur and shining colour. A few days ago it began to spin its web prior to becoming a chrysalis. It was dropped. It is now pulp, going moldy.

I loved that caterpillar. Like all things in the world, a small movement can destroy it. How many lovely children or people have been smeared upon the earth today.

Today, several days later, I saw that the caterpillar was not killed. Although the blow came while it was in its fluid condition it has transformed into a shining chrysalis. It is a symbol for me of the faith I must have in myself while I yield to love and life. I must trust myself to being undone, fluid, dispersed.

If there are destructive caterpillars: This suggests worries are eating up your emotional energy and destroying potential growth and positive change.

If moving to chrysalis stage: This suggests an urge to find environment in which to make changes in your life.

Chrysalis: Major change going on within yourself; a new aspect of yourself getting ready to emerge; desire to retreat from the world.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Are there any sexual overtones in my dream – if so what do they suggest?

What were my feelings during the dream, and what do they link with – were they about personal growth, beauty, childhood, feeling grub like or what?

What is the process of change and growth I am facing?

Are worries eating away at me in some way?

Try using Acting on your dream; Talking As; Life’s Little Secrets


-Komal 2017-06-06 12:02:07

I dreamt i am stuck to a white Hickory tussock moth caterpillars ( I know the name as i have googled it ),
which was big enough.

I came inside the room and it was on my floor just like a carpet, my leg got stucked and i fell.

Thereafter SRK (Hero) came and rescued me.

This is very scary. Please revert.

-Unnamed 2015-08-29 13:25:26

I have just awoke from a dream. A dream I have never had that bothered me. What does it mean?

“We are located in a town of hills. The news said that the likelyhood of an attacked was small.
As the day progressed, more and more people showed up to take shelted from what was going to attacked. The threat grew from small to it was coming.
Noone knew exactly what it was, but it had come before, and the military warded it off.
It destroyed anything that was in it’s path.
Sirens were going off, as if it was a tornado, sky became dark, wven though it was early evening.
The creature that was attacking, was the giant blue caterpillar from ‘Alice in Wonderland’.
Looking for food. With everything it ate, it grew in size, and if it couldn’t find food,he became violant and ate you.
Terrified, we ran and hid inside cabinets, locked from the inside.
Then, he (the giant caterpillar) broke down our door, everyone was screaming and trying to hide.
And then, there was silence.
Giant thuding surrounded us in our little cabinets. He tried to open the doors!
Then again, silence.
Just as I awoke, the giant caterpillar flung open the doors, puleed the from the hinges.
He didn’t look at us, but I feel his face was more human than we thought it was. He was searching for food, and we didn’t have anf for him. So we remained silent, hoping he would leave.
As an arm (blue humanlike arm) reaches under the counter, I awoke.”

Upon awaking, I have a huge headache and I feel shaken up.
What does it mean?

-Anjell 2015-01-23 15:59:14

I had a dream of a catapiller. It was strange. Me and a bunch of kids were living alone and we were glad for food. When I looked into my bowl of food a larva was in it. With a plucker one of the kids gave me I took it out. As I held it in my hand it began to grow, which scared me. Then it wrapped around and bit me. Due to that I dropped it. When me and the others tried to grab it it kept growin but it changed into a deep red. Finally as we had it it was angry and tried to wiggle out. We just wanted to throw it outside but it refused. Its outer skin kept getting peeled of and looked like flesh. It was a strange and a bit frightening dream. What do you think it means?

-Misty 2014-12-04 18:08:11

I had I dream that caterpillers we’re coming out of my skin, actually my left forearm, nothing painful and some turned to butterflies. Any idea what it means?

    -Lorraine 2015-08-02 18:18:36

    I had that almost exact same dream last night ..a scab on my left arm that i picked and out crawled a butterflies and just the one green short fat caterpillar, no pain also , but im not really into bugs especially if they appeared to be burrowed into my skin, but on waking my inner self kept saying to me caterpillars are not sinister or icky like maggots and ticks and also caterpillars turn into butterflies so im hoping it has something to do with inner potential and not infestation of anysort

      -Sarah 2015-08-09 8:58:00

      So eerie! I had the same exact dream yesterday. 8/8/2015 I noticed my left arm a few bumps, like catapillar eggs, I turn my arm around and I pull out a huge fluffy plump green catapiliar. It didn’t hurt it was just numb. I wonder what it could mean?

-Keren 2012-07-31 6:00:35

Hello Tony!
It’s been a while since I wrote you so I’m glad I have a dream to share with you today.
It happened last night. In the dream I had prepared a beautiful egg quiche. I was so proud of it. It turned out perfectly, high and light and I was enthusiastically telling my boyfriend that I couldn’t wait to eat it together. I cut it into pieces and as I was about to eat it I saw a light green caterpillar emerging from the center… then another … then another … there were several and one in particular was really long and big and the others were smaller ones. I told my boyfriend we couldn’t eat it because it had caterpillars and although I was more disappointed than he was I wasn’t shocked or grossed out or anything. It was just like, “oh, what a shame.” The dream then changed and I found myself in a big Hollywoood Producer’s mansion with a movie theater and a billard room. The producer’s son was showing me around the house but actually I was just looking for the bathroom! I don’t think the dreams are connected but this is how I remember them.
Thank you for your kind guidance.
Blessings, Keren

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