City Town

One’s relationship and interaction with other people, society, and all the opportunities and diversions city life offers. Therefore the dream may show something of the many choices you make or can make about your direction, relationships or activities. It may also be about your sense of community, or the mental and emotional environment in which you live. For instance if it is a dark rainy city, then it suggests you are living within that sort of dismal inner life. If bright, sunny, with opportunities, then that is most likely how you feel about things. See Inner World; capital

A town may be a place you seek a partner or someone to have sex with.

Example: Then we each talk about our sexual fantasies – some of us, at least. How we are going to get them satisfied. I seem to be an observer while the girl orders up hers on a phone. “How do you like to have your sexual fantasies known/discussed in public?” I ask. She gives me a wry smile. There are bar girls tottering around on high heels and one of my friends gets into a fight with a native man who accosts his girl. I help him by helping to beat up this guy. Later I am in town where it is raining heavily and at least two of my glasses (spectacles) are destroyed or broken. A policewoman blames me for this – my carelessness..

The dreamer comments on this dream by saying, “I have no vision of the moral consequences of my actions or of the sadness I cause sexually speaking.”

Example: I dream Su, a woman I am in love with, is shown paddling a dingy to a local town, where I am going to meet her. But there were difficulties about getting there.

Su in this dream shows that I still haven’t ‘met’ or integrated the ability to love without grasping or wanting to posses. The difficulty in the dream suggests that I find it difficult to express this more open love.

Example: The city was very beautiful and busy, as I passed through an arch a woman circus act stared at me. I felt slightly embarrassed again, and then I passed another woman who also showed great interest. It made me feel good about myself I was still unsure yet I felt I was a man. KK

Here is another possibility shown in the dream – how we meet so many people in a town and so are exposed to view. In the case of KK he struggled with his feelings of being a man when in a relationship with women. So we may meet our own opinion of how we look to other people.

The city may be like a mandala, a circle with many extensions, a symbol of your inner state, the structure of your personality and what it is built upon. In this case the beauty or despair of the city will be saying a lot about your present inner condition. See: mandala.

Alone in a town: Feeling isolated and out of touch.

An ancient or historical city: It can indicate many things, such as an old or outmoded way of life you have left behind. It can sometimes represent a part of history you are fascinated by and so are about the way of life then and how it affects our present life. Rarely to can also show a past life and even relationships with others and the influence and relevance the past life has on the present one.

Home town or town of birth: The familiar way of life; the way you usually go about things. If it is a past home, then it shows your feelings or state of life at that time.

In a deserted town: Outmoded social attitudes or way of life.

In some dreams: Work and opportunity.

Seeing a whole city from a higher viewpoint: This shows you have expanded your awareness of yourself and the environment in which you live. these further reaches of consciousness certain qualities were necessary. A certain amount of confidence and fearlessness were needed to meet the further reaches of mind.  See Dimensions of Human Experience  – Exploring Inner Space

Strange town: The new; different attitudes or way of life, new choices or opportunities.

Idioms: Go to town; ghost town; man about town; paint the town.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is the mood or atmosphere of the city, and does that reflect the inner state within myself I have created?

What am I doing in the town, and metaphorically what does that say about me? (i.e. if I am lost in the town am I lost in my life at the moment? If I am looking for love or business opportunity in the city is that true now in my life?)

What are my interactions with others in the dream suggesting about me?

See Introduction to DreamsAssociations Working WithBeing the Person or Thing


-Marta 2016-07-01 15:13:55

Hi 🙂 i would like to share two ‘visions’ i had in two diferent days during last week. I refer to them as visions because, in spite of having them during sleep, I have no other information about them but the landscape or scenario.
So at first i had this very vivid sight of a sunset. a day or two after, i saw myself watching over a city, as if i was in a belvedere above the landscape. It was night time and i could see all the lightning of the city.
It was just this. I have no information on what i was doing in these places, nor i know if there were people with me.
Best regards 🙂

-airelee parrish 2015-10-22 18:15:36

Ive had 3 dreams about traveling. 1 was traveling over a bridge whose inclune was almost straight up snd Im afraid of heights. The draw bridge opened at the top and i was scared.
2. Traveling with my sister and we chose different ways to go.
3. Traveled to Illinois and had to get back to my city sandusky, my husband and grand daughter stayed behind and i had to get back for work.
3 dreams about traveling what is going to happen

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