This may be telling you that a conflict of opinions, direction or feelings with another person, or that careless behaviour leading to problems in relationship is happening. See car

In some cases collisions are purposeful. It might be the only way to meet or make contact with someone, or it might be a test to see how you will react.

The collision may also be between parts of your own nature, such as your feelings and your intellect – your body and your way of life – your unconscious and your conscious self – your masculine and feminine principles. There are usually hints in the dream as to what it is you are in conflict or on a collision course with. The collision can express an internal conflict arising form a traumatic incident some time in your life – a conflict between loving and avoiding love for instance – avoiding because it was so painful in the past.

Many ‘collisions’ occur between the generations. Adolescent’s often run smack bang into as they make a break for independence and identity.

If this is a dream showing your collision with a car or other vehicle, it is probably depicting your driving or a collision with another person, such as a break in the relationship. But it is worth thinking it might be a warning and so see the following example:

Example: I dreamed my godson had been killed in an automobile accident involving other teenagers. I told him about it and exacted his promise that he would pray for protection every time he got into a car, no matter who was driving.

A month later he and his girl friend were passengers in a car driven by a friend. They were involved in a minor accident on the Hollywood freeway. While the owner of the car was fetching flares out of the trunk, my godson had a sense of immediate danger. Seiz­ing his date by the hand, he ran with her to safety. About two seconds later, a speeding car crashed into the other boy and smashed his car. An eleven-car pileup resulted, sending five people to the hospital. His friend lost his leg, but my godson escaped injury. Quoteds from Dreams Your Magic Mirror by Elsie Sechrist.

See: Car

Therefore in any dreams that appear as predictions ask for help in prayer.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Does this collision show any signs of a power struggle, or a struggle for domination?

Is it a male or female I collide with, and is this reflected in my life I any way?

What attitudes are involved in the collision, what outcome, and what can I learn from this?

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