This is often about winning or losing, and frequently involves a love interest as in the example below. Depending on the dream, it can also be about a test of your skill, uncertainty about your abilities, or even a stimulus to achievement. There may also be an element of self grading, a way you measure yourself against others and what you feel you will achieve or be able to claim.

Example: I am in a high school classroom. There is a boy I like a lot sitting on the other side of the room. He notices me and comes over to talk about something I’ve written. I sense that I’m very smart and he’s attracted to me. There are other girls who want him but they are no competition. He wants to be with me. We chat for a while. I sense that our conversation had something to do with him deciding if we should go out together. He doesn’t come to a decision but I’m happy because I know he will ask me out.


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