Confess Confessing Confession

Sometimes a confession in a dream comes from a very deep place. It may have a great deal of truth or passionate feelings involved. So it is worth while trying to make contact with the feelings and insights involved. This sort of confession can bring real change, and where necessary needs to be made real in waking life.

Sometimes a dream confession reveals things that have been kept deeply unconscious previously. Such things as murder, where a part of you has been killed at some time, are often difficult and have to be understood as to exactly what you have killed. (For help doing this see Stand in Role. In this case ‘be’ the murdered person.) The release of such confessions can be difficult or emotional, and can remove blockages that have prevented the flow of life within.

Confession can be about love though, and this too can be difficult if you haven’t learned to express your feelings and care for someone.

However, some dreams show a confession as a sort of immaturity, a youthful ‘having to tell mother/father what you have done. This suggests that you perhaps lack the strength to deal with your feelings by yourself, and need to unload them no matter what this does to the person hearing the ‘confession.

Where the confession is the Catholic rite, then it will probably link with beliefs connected with Catholicism. But in either case what you confess to may be the result of your self-judgement, or of a measurement according to other people’s or society’s standards. If so remember, “Judge not and be not judged.”

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is it I am revealing or being told, and where does that connect with my waking experiences?

Am I holding back on love or other feelings – and if so how can I express them in a meaningful way?

Is this something that I am barely aware of and needing to allow to be felt and heard?

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