Inner tension, withholding of feelings or flow of life and creativity. So this could be depicting a lack of self-expression or self-esteem.

There may also be a link with the need to learn how to let go of control in certain areas of your life, or even a change of diet from lifeless foods to whole foods with natural roughage.

In some dreams it is connected with  being tense sexually and not really having feelings/emotions while love making.

But more than anything else it is about the ‘shitty’ feelings and past experiences we have not released, as in the following dream.

Example: I am having a bowel movement, after being constipated for a while. I squat over a hibachi thing next to the toilet and push. A hard piece comes out. It falls and gets on the carpet. Some more follow and now I have to pick them up and put them in the toilet. C…. comes by, eating a roll, and she thinks this will be fun and picks up some of the round balls of shit to help me. I say, “Oh no! put that down. Don’t touch the roll now. Go wash your hands and don’t put them in your mouth.” I get up to walk her to a place she can wash her hands when the toilet starts acting strange like it’s going to overflow. We back away. It disgorges lots of shit and water noisily like an agitated washing machine gone mad. BS.

BS’s constipation is psychological. She is holding on to emotions too long, and the washing machine in the dream suggests the need for a clean up that is not being handled well. See: toilet.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is I am holding on to – in other words what am I feeling in the dream, or what events portray it?

Is there an attitude I am nursing in myself that I don’t want to let go of?

If I imagine letting go of control, what fears or feelings arise?

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