Credit Card

This links with the feelings you have about money; the opportunities power and pleasures it brings, or the stress and uncertainty involved with it. The card can indicate the ability to get what you want, or to feel secure. Or if you have problems dealing with cards, then the difficult feelings and situations it involves.

Having or getting a credit card: A sense of gaining greater ease and opportunity with money; finding an easier feeling about relating to the world and having the power to move around in it.

Loss or destruction of credit card: Uncertainty about your financial future; feeling of stress or struggle to get your needs in life; loss of power. See: money.

Stolen card: This might also suggest someone has got hold of your desires and spending power, as might some advertising or fashions. In some ways this could suggest stolen identity.

Giving or given a credit card: This involves trust and generosity in some way, perhaps even love.

Example: I had a young puppy dog. It was full of life and exuberance. I came in and found it had got hold of my wallet and chewed it so badly there was only a shred of my wallet and American Express card left. I was so angry I punched the dog hard several times, but couldn’t feel satisfied. Cliff.

Cliff explored his feelings and associations regarding the dream and realised that because he was hoping to semi-retire on income from investments, and the investments had dropped in value because of a falling market, his enthusiasm, the dog, had taken a beating. In fact he had begun to feel he must struggle on to survive financially again. See: Money.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Are there feelings of pleasure or distress in the dream – and where am I meeting those feelings?

What issue is being met in the dream – i.e. relationship, travel, pleasure – and where does that arise in my life and how is it connected with money?

What am I feeling about money or security at the moment and what is the dream commenting on that?

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-Vanessa 2016-10-21 9:09:44

I dreamt that I found a bank card. A few days prior to this, I dreamt I was with my daughter and she was carrying a sack of wads of money. We were going to meet my partner to give him some money from the bag. Are the dreams related and what do they mean?

    -Tony Crisp 2016-10-24 9:04:06

    Vanessa – Dreams often use things to represent something else. So dreaming of so much money doesn’t usually mean you will receive a lot of money, but it does suggest that you sense you can get things you value – maybe even by reaching out for it in some way.


-chigo 2016-06-29 11:27:04

Please what does it mean for me to dream of someone dashing me a telecommunication top up card in the dream?

-masum 2014-12-01 10:41:56

i had a dream i win some money in gambling and some one cheat on me ,could you help me to what does it mean

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