Femininity; the vagina; the process of feminine creativity.

The the changing pattern of dreaming during the menstrual cycle by either women or men is important. Just as the moon goes through phases when it appears to be full and bright but gradually diminishes to a narrow crescent shape only to return again to its state of illuminated wholeness, so too does a woman manifest a waxing and waning of her personality during her lunar-cycle dreams. The crescent shape in dreams sometimes depicts a woman’s sexuality and openness to mating, so receptiveness.

Jo Jean Boushahla in the book Dream Dictionary says ‘A new moon or a crescent moon show a time of feeling at one with our internal spiritual self. It is a time for deep inner reflection’.

Crescent moon: The beginning or ending of something to do with ones feelings or inner life.

Example: One morning I was allowed to go with my mother to the baker’s shop and there I received a crescent roll from the baker’s wife. I did not eat the roll but carried it proudly in my hand. Only my mother and the baker’s wife were present, so I was the only man.”  Such crescents are popularly called “moon-teeth,” and this symbolic allusion to the moon underlines the dominating power of the feminine-a power to which the little boy may have felt exposed and which, as the “only man,” he was proud of being able to confront. Quoted from Man and His Symbols by Carl Jung.

Idioms: Go round in circles; come full circle; vicious circle; circle of influence/friends.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What were my feelings in the dream with the crescent?

What associations do I have with a crescent shape?

As I think about the dreamt of crescent what images or thoughts occur?

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