Something that is difficult to get a hold on. Male sex organ, sperm. Dreams sometimes try to depict the unconscious life we experienced in the process of conception, and such slippery creatures as the eel can express this. See fish.

The eel can also represent an underwater snake – the lifeforce that underlies all that we are. See Energy Sex and Dreams and Reaction to the unconscious

The example and the comments about it give a lot of information.

Example: Hi – I would love some help with these dreams. I’m not pregnant. I’ve had 3 dreams first its meant to be a spa turns out its big rock pool river, heaps of tiny fish swimming around my feet I’m scared of them LOL. My partner is in the deep back part of the water he is not scared. Bit there is huge eels jumping out behind him into another river . 2nd dream; little spa pool 2 really nice coloured fish swimming into my legs, they hurt to touch them, but I’m not scared, I just try pick them up away from my legs. My partner again is sitting next to some girl who looks pregnant; I look at my belly and hope I’m pregnant not her. I don’t want her with my partner. A fish net goes over her belly. 3rd I have a positive pregnant test. God is there and he brands my ear with a red stone earring. I argue with him about how I don’t want to be pregnant or something like that. If you can help with the meaning of all this I would be so happy appreciative thank you.

What an amazing dream!! It is so absolutely full of images about pregnancy. Let us start with the rock pool/river. It is the flow of Life you and all of us are immersed in. It is what carries us or drives us on despite our little selves – what in fact grew you from a tiny seed in your mother’s belly. And the tiny fish are the seeds we grew from, the tiny sperm wanting to find a good home. You are scared of getting pregnant – probably been watching too many films where the delivering mother is always pictured in agony. See Method to shorten labormany little fish

The bit where the eels are jumping is another neat image of your partner’s eagerness. Those eels depict his penis/sexuality. This shows how his inner self wants to give his sperm to you – the other river. The second dream is a bit more hopeful. Realising that you do not want another woman carrying your partner’s child you try to pick them up from your legs but it hurts. But God/Life steps in and brands you with a red stone earring – a sure sign you will get pregnant. Even then you are sure you are not going to get pregnant. Life has a way with these things.

Example: Next I see my self at the bottom of the ocean.  I see a tall dark figure and a short dark figure (child?).  The tall dark figure is feeding small pieces of golden bread to a Huge, Long eel or snake.  The eel seems to have thin, slanty eyes and can’t see very well.

Being at the bottom of the ocean shows her being deep in her inner world or unconscious. Here the tall dark figure in this woman’s dream is an aspect of herself that is nourishing her own life energy. Golden bread is something that will never tarnish and is therefore eternal – as is our own Life.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What way am I relating to the eel or eels?

Does my dream in any way deal with pregnancy?

Was I frightened of the eel/eels?

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