Something developing in the unconscious. Something growing within which we are not yet aware of and not yet sufficiently developed to express outwardly, and that is vulnerable. Or a regression to early levels of consciousness. A desire to live in womb-consciousness.

An extremely vulnerable part of us. It can refer to our own prenatal experience or our feelings connected with our prenatal life – for instance we may have been told our mother tried to abort us. Even if this is not so, the idea acts as a focus for our feelings of rejection and infantile pain. The embryo or foetus would therefore symbolise such feelings. See: baby.

From conception until birth the growing organism increases its weight alone up to 27 million times. So it is an energetic urge, but also one which brings detailed control over the miracle of forming a living human body. This comes about by stage after stage of formative forces acting in the construction of our being. As an egg and sperm we are tiny single celled creatures. The next two stages of development as the cells increase in size and number resembles the activities found in many simple living things such as plants. The twenty day old embryo develops four brachial grooves, which in the embryo of a fish grow into gills. At this point the formative forces which produce a fish are active, as were the formative forces of a plant at an earlier stage. These are then supplanted by forces which bring about features of the mammalian upright animal we can be. See Programmed

The embryo can also depict a fragile and new part of you growing. It could even be an indication of pregnancy. In some dreams the embryo links with feelings of great peace in which you experience your core self. See Your Core Self

Example: She  kept saying ‘Larisa, your ship is going to leave’, urging me to leave her and get on the (apparently ) my ship. Finally I said ‘one last kiss’ and I kissed her and reached for the pole? to get on my ship. But it slipped through my fingers and I get into the sea. I went down to the bottom of the sea and I lay on the floor of the sea for a million years – aeons or so it seemed. There was no sense of time. I lay all covered up like in a shell or a flower or a womb – but it felt very embryo like.

Useful questions and hints:

Do I sense this as expressing my own uterine life, or as a fragile growing part of me?

Have I been thinking about pregnancy – do I need to check to see?

Am I at the beginning of a new project or way of life that is still at the embryo stage?

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