Field’s often appear with animals, and suggest the dreamer’s contact with what is natural in themselves. It can also suggest freedom from social pressure; one’s sense of oneself when away from other people, with one’s own natural inclinations; field of activity or study; feeling states – depending on condition of field, cloudy, bright, overgrown.

It can therefore indicate room to grow or to explore, space to expand and opportunity to explore new aspects of yourself. The natural field might also show your inner condition, what work you have done on your ‘nature’ – things growing and a good harvest, or a wild unkempt situation.

It might suggest a field of activity or study or feeling states – depending on the condition of the field – cloudy, bright, overgrown, etc. This type of field can also often reveal things if you dig below the surface – treasure, ancient artifacts or even bombs or difficulties.

A field can be place of safety; a place in which you are an obvious target; a place of opportunity because of its space, like a football field; a place to keep animals in and to act out ones drama in – sexual, fighting, hiding etc. or you can be conained in or held back by fences. You can live in a field in a tent or a caravan. You can be in a force field. You can grow or harvest things in a field, and be in various roles in it – farmer, hunter, lover, soldier and so on. See Characters and People in Dreams.

Field across river or very green fields: Death or the dreamers concept of spiritual realm. See: landscapes.

Example: Example: I saw a dark brown fertile field in which a plough was cutting large furrows. Suddenly I myself became the field and the sharp steel plough went easily through the length of my body and cut me into two halves. Although it hurt, it was indescribably beautiful. I experienced myself as the ploughed-up field, and the furrow as my own flesh, but it was not bleeding.

Medard Boss reports this dream of a woman who though experienced in sex, had not previously felt deep love. He says the richness and depth of her sexual feelings when in love, are depicted by the dream and being joyfully cut open.

Idioms: A level playing field; have a field day; lead the field; out in left field; play the field.

Useful questions and hints:

Does this show a particular area or activity and what I have done in it?

Am I feeling an opportunity to grow or explore my potential?

Could this represent ‘the playing field’ or staging of a situation in my life?

See Associations Working WithTechniques for Exploring your DreamsProcessing Dreams


-Wendy 2018-06-26 18:02:36

Could you please help me with this dream? I am walking at night in a big open field of wheat–it’s night time, but the moon is full and high in the sky and I can see mountains in the distance. As I’m walking I can feel the wheat hitting my fingers as I have my palms open and forward facing beside me as I walk. (I still had the sensation of the wheat hitting my fingers when I woke up).
I come to a clearing and there is a Native American elderly lady (or grandmother) waiting there–as if she’s waiting for me. As I get closer she smiles at me and says, “All you need to know is “A ka oona an na ee chey oo.” As soon as she said that I woke up, and this has been several years ago but it is still bugging me because I’d like to know what the last part of that sentence meant! lol Side note–I do have Native American blood on both sides of my family ancestry. Would love help with this. Thank you!

    -Tony Crisp 2018-07-10 8:27:59

    Wendy – The elderly Native American – grandmother – is an auspicious start to your dream. For in your dream she represents that you have found how to link with all your forebears, and the wisdom gathered by all the women of your line from the far past. Her touch and love is a link with the ancient wisdom that grandmothers have inside them. It can reach through them and change your life.

    But realise that dream images are like icons on a computer screen – you have to ‘click’ on your dream images to make them come alive. Thinking about them doesn’t work. You need to open yourself to the magic of them. To make them into the wonderful gateways they are you may have to learn certain skills, such as and

    Just as a fox cub ‘learns’ how to hunt from its parents without words, so we absorb the deeply etched negative and positive survival strategies of our parents simply by being around them. It is passed on for generation after generations. They never need to talk about it because usually the parents are unaware of it themselves. If genes come into it anywhere, they perhaps create the reflex response that instinctively draws in the survival tactics that perhaps even our parents themselves have never really been aware they live by. See

    That she spoke to you is a sign that her wisdom has been passed to you, for such things can be passed on, often jumping generations; but remember that to know what was passed onto you, you might need go on a sweat lodge or use the ritual of – the seed meditation.

    This ties in with the wheat you felt – so it would be good to take the wheat seed as your starting point. To begin you need to create the right setting and situation. You need to wear comfortable clothes which you can easily move and relax in. Take your shoes off, put a blanket on the floor area you choose to practice on, and clear a space big enough for you to stretch out in and spread arms and legs. Create a space in time also. It is important to give yourself about half an hour without other pressing issues to properly meet your inner feelings. Drop self criticism and give yourself permission to express sounds and movement freely.
    When you are ready to begin, stand or lie in the centre or your space and raise your arms above your head. Hold them so they are quite extended. Then bring to mind the idea or image of an unplanted seed. It can be any sort of seed. Now notice whether your body in its present posture feels as if it is expressing the form and condition of the seed. The aim is to consider how you and your body feel in relationship to the idea and sense you have of the seed.
    Many people find, for instance, that having the arms extended does not ‘feel’ like an unplanted seed. Don’t struggle with this. It is just an experiment, play with it, have fun. So if you do not feel your being is expressive of the seed, move about, explore different postures until you begin to feel more satisfied. Explore in this way until you feel you have found a position that is right. Take your time. Notice whether the arms and head are right. Would a seed that is not growing feel alert, sleeping, waiting? See if you can find an inner feeling which for you feels like a seed. Do not attempt to think the whole thing out or consider it scientifically. Let whatever feeling sense you have guide you. If you get lost, come back to arms and legs extended and spread and again consider whether that FEELS like a dry unplanted seed. If not, work with that feeling of ‘not right’ until it gets to be ‘right’.

    When you find a position and inner feeling which suits you, take the next step by letting yourself explore, in just the same way, what happens when the seed is planted in warm moist soil and begins to grow. Continue your feeling exploration to find out what will occur when the seed grows, puts out leaves, blossoms and fulfils its cycle. Explore the whole cycle of the seed’s expression. Don’t hold a rigid idea of what the growth of the seed means. What we are looking for is that you explore your own feeling sense in regard to the thought of the seed’s growth. It might be that as the seed you feel very strongly you do not want to grow. In which case simply remain in the form of the seed until you feel a change and an urge to grow, or until your session time is up.

    Not only is this an exercise for our feeling sense, but it is also a way the process of LifeStream can express. The concept of the seed structures what happens, but it is still a channel for self regulation to occur. You can consider it a successful LifeStream experience if some aspect of what arises is spontaneous or unexpected. Even if the unexpected does not emerge in the first session, it will do so as you learn to let go of thinking and critical appraisal of what is happening, and leave the body open to free expression. So at first it doesn’t matter if the session feels mechanical and contrived. Having those feelings means you are sensing what is happening, and you can thereby refine your technique with their help. By letting go of the controlling urge, you can let the spontaneous and creative part of you express. Please do not try to think it out, it should happen spontaneously.
    What happens may differ each time, for our inner self is very creative. In symbols, or in direct experience, something of your own nature will be expressed in the drama of growing. As you practice, any stiffness of feelings or hesitancy will lessen. The theme of what emerges will become clearer and more fully felt.

    Judith, who teaches a yoga class, describes her first use of this approach to seed meditation to her class as follows:

    “….I felt as if I were the bud of a crocus. I seemed to be slowly unfolding with difficulty. Not until I fully opened did I feel a great relief. The results of this have made me feel very positive in my outlook, and far happier…..I am a trainee yoga teacher and have been teaching for three years. I have a small class of fourteen students who are keen and attend regularly. I decided to have my students try the seed meditation to see how they would react. I explained it as well as I could, and the feedback I got was: A man in his thirties said, ‘I felt I was in a womb. It was very comfortable, cosy and dark. I wanted to stay there. I didn’t want to come away – it was so peaceful. I have never experienced anything like it before.’ He was very impressed.

-Presley Pierce 2018-04-26 13:12:46

I had a dream of overgrown cow fields. I was climbing up the hill in the field, looking around and seen an area I grew up in had changed drastically. There were black cows in the field and of course poop. And the higher I got, it’s like the field turned I to my grandmothers room and my sisters bed was there and it was ruined with cow poo. I told my grandmother I would help block her area off from the cows and clean the bed and my mother said to just leave the bed alone that it was ruined. I dont remember much except hugging my great grandmother and seeing my grandmother one last time before I woke up (both are deceased).

-Christoffer 2017-01-25 10:44:31

Hi Tony and Anna!
I’m looking for the word crops, like fields of crops, that are grown – but couldn’t find it in the dictionary.
Best regards/

-Liz 2016-10-15 9:14:05

I’ve dreamed of the same field twice now. Once was months ago and I deciphered it well, this one’s got me confused. I was walking next to my crush, previously it was a hay field and the hay had been bailed, this time there was grass or the makings of it. We walked next to a barbed wire fence, it had been there last time but not close to it. He wore a grey shirt, and the sky was cloudy, though it was last time as well, not threatening a storm just overcast. I felt really content through out the dream. Any insight would be helpful,



-Elizabeth 2016-03-22 23:21:16

I dream of a bright golden field with an old house. Its sunny and im with two other people. I cant see their faces, and i feel happy and peaceful and theres a giant waving tree out in the distance. I keep dreaming this and i do t know why.
Best regards,

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-03-28 12:13:03

    Dear Elizabeth – These two people probably reflect what Carl Jung calls the “Golden Shadow”.
    Mostly when we speak of the shadow we are talking about the perceived shameful and frightening aspects of ourselves that we have disowned. Usually we get triggered by emotional difficulties in others, because we are afraid of the same qualities in ourselves.
    The same goes for our intense admiration that we experience for other people. The bright qualities that we admire in another are the disowned aspects of our self.
    Your dream keeps recurring because there is a part of you that wants to integrate these aspects of you that are happy and peaceful.
    To answer this inner call you can use for the two people in your dream.
    Because peace and happiness are often hidden and disguised within our deepest emotional pains and hurts, you can also use
    Anna 🙂

-Kay 2015-04-30 23:59:22

Had a dream I was in a dry park, and only a corner of it was watered and green.

I said the people looking after it weren’t doing a good job, and only looking after that area.

Then I went and got a hose and started watering it.
I was talking with 2 people when this was happening but I moved away from them to water the field.

I am not sure what this means? But it reminds me of the bible verse about reaping what you sow, or maintaining a field so I can get harvest.

But the fact it’s a park means something different than a field.

Let me know what you think.

Best Regards

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-05-01 11:05:58

    Dear Kay – I understand the associations you have with the bible verse. Perhaps looking at it from a different angle will be helpful too? The text comes from the I Ching:
    Plow your field
    for a field well-plowed,
    not for possible harvests.
    Clear the wasteland
    for land well-cleared,
    not for potential rich fields.
    Such guileless enterprise
    can’t help but succeed.
    A guileless enterprise can bring forth the birth of an intuition, a new response to oneself and one’s environment that transforms one’s life. This is a living relationship with the mystery which underlies our life. If we generate growth in this way, we are not held prisoner by habits of thought, stereotypes of behaviour, and then we can begin to allow into our waking life what was previously impossible to know. This open state of mind and feelings, acts as a link between the identity or personality, and the deep unconscious life processes. This link allows a birth of realisations and inner change that brings healing and a possibility of experiencing the aspect of oneself that is our core self.
    Please also read
    A garden hose for watering is about your efforts to look after and promote your inner growth.
    A park is merely about your public self and how it is (in need of) growing. Your dream reflects that you have developed a corner of that public self and that you are now willing to work on the other parts.

    The public self is the view of oneself by others as conveyed through public information, public action and interaction with others. The public self generally depends on the public for definition, but is also an individual’s view of how he or she fits in and actions taken while in public.
    Regarding your public self I like to give you some feedback. You wrote: “Let me know what you think”, which does come across as somewhat demanding. So perhaps you can reflect on that approach (too)?
    It does serve a purpose as well to explore what you associate with the 2 people you were talking with, for the dream suggests that in order to be able to promote your inner growth, you have to disconnect from these inner aspects.
    So please read this article
    Good Luck!
    Anna 🙂

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