Direct reference to sexual aspect of self; often used to represent gender. In such dreams a man might dream of having female genitals, suggesting he is experiencing the female aspect of himself. See: gendervagina; penis; castrate; washing

Useful Questions and Hints:

In a female dream – what is the central thing this dream is presenting to me – is it about the way I feel about sex, about residues of my father’s influence in my life, or about my female power?

In a male dream – does my dream in any way indicate my fears or strengths in my relationship with a woman – or is it about residues of my mother’s influence?

Does this dream reveal anything about the way I am in an intimate relationship – if so what is it?

Are there any signs of me growing beyond old patterns of my sexual/emotional behaviour – if so can I enhance them?

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-Dawn 2016-10-19 1:54:42

P.S.- I just realized my explicitnesd and I apologize. I just couldn’t find the right words for description. I also hope this comment to you is in the right place. I thank you again for taking the time for me.

-Dawn 2016-10-18 15:31:54

Mr. Tony,
I am hoping you can help me. I’ve searched my dream books and over the inet trying to find the meaning of my dream. It’s really disturbing,bothering me emotionally. Currently i am seperated from my husband for who knows how long and its been just over a year of separation caused by a wrongful conviction.. Last night I had a very vivid drream of lying on a table that was of surgical type only I was in a room of brown hues and kitchen like,with a huge spotlight on my pelvis region. I was upset and crying “NO!” as I layed there fully clothed except.waist down covered by a sheet. There was an old female boss of mine I never trusted, a psch-trist/surgeon and my ex husband all staring at my open pelvis saying it was for the best when the surgeon stuck something in me and caused alot of pain and pulled out a sexual organ. Then I also remember seeing my clitori s in what looked like vice grips and they began painfully taking it and I screamed and was combative. The next thing I remember is walking along a beach and then my ex guiding me to bed and I was drugged. I woke this morning and notjing out of ordinary with me physically. As you can see, I’m very disturbed by this and have tried simply to forget it and redirect my thoughts. Can you help me please make sense of this?
Thank You

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