The tests you meet in life and relationships; entrance into a new life; the sense of achieving adulthood, or the skill leading to adult independence; probably also associates with your sense of value.


-Butterfly 2013-05-05 13:47:58

Hi, i dreamed that i attended graduation rehearsal for two consecutive days. my secret exlover was with me, accompany me and handshake me, instead of my parents. What does it mean?

-Jennel 2012-05-23 5:36:13

Hi Tony,
I always have the same dream of trying to finish up my last classes so I can graduate. I did graduate H.S. in 1995. The last one I had last night was walking through the halls leading a horse called “honey.” Never had one named that! I was trying to just find my way out a big enough door with the horse. We went down a long hallway to a room that was a vet and had lots of different animals being butchered or helped. It was another tight area to get me and my horse through but I could always control going a different way but never found an out.

    -Tony Crisp 2012-05-23 11:02:48

    Jennel – I answered a very similar dream today, so the first part I used again..

    I have come across similar dreams so many times. What happens is that the years in trying to graduate and the taking of exams sets up a pattern of feeling. It can be a feeling of uncertainty, of fear of not succeeding, or failure – or other responses to facing the course. Once this pattern is set up it will be repeated every time you feel stressed – or whatever you felt during exams. So you dream it to remind you that you are feeling the same response. See

    The horse a wonderful aid in a dream – like dog but with the ability to work and carry you about. In your dream you are leading a horse, and the horse can represents or expresses pleasurable energy and exuberance, the sort of enthusiasm or feelings of well-being that can ‘carry’ one through the day easily; dynamic sexual drive; the physical energy and life processes that ‘carry’ us around. The name honey also represent the summary of your experience which is a sweet thing to know.

    But the horse is your inner instincts, the part of you that is largely unknown, but does what ever you ask of it, as your body does when given a task. And you are trying to find way out of the situation, leading your horse. The difficulty is that you do not know the way out of the situation. You can probably change this by imagining yourself back in the dream and changing the ending – so you get out. There may be some resistance to doing this so you may need to do it several time over a week or so.

    Hopefully you and Honey will work well together – a great team.


-Hiba 2010-07-27 11:38:06

If I graduated in 1994, yet saw myself in my white graduation dress (knee length), but now is longer and the added part is also white but with blue flowers, what does it mean?

    -Tony Crisp 2010-08-17 11:54:00

    Hiba, I believe this is showing you achieving a new ‘graduation’. Often such changes do not come over night, but such a dream suggested newness and a continuation of the old. So a new level of achievement.


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