Losing ones head, or threat of it; killing out ones ability to think and reason – so perhaps becoming irrational. See: BodyHead.

It could be a way of meeting the fear of death. It can also be a graphic way of saying that your head is cut off from your feelings.

Example: I felt I could really die, not just as an illusion, not just in the drama of other people but my own life would have a very normal end. I know now I never wanted to face this but realise there is such a thing as really living. When I felt this, it did not take long to discover that if there is such a thing that could lift one up and this can only be the life I am leading. With this horror of death realised, I started to experience a most fantastic happiness with the realisation that after all I do not have to die now. I felt I was no longer with my neck under the guillotine. This was the very feeling I have been living under all my life. Right from my childhood, and without my knowing it. I did not know that all the time I was living it was as if a rope was round my neck or my head was on the guillotine. But now I had this unique opportunity to experience what it felt like to die. It has revolutionised my life.

Example: I dreamt I was in a line of young women like myself, and as I looked ahead to where we were going I saw that as each came to the head of the line they were decapitated by a guillotine. Without any fear I remained in the line, presumably quite willing to submit to the same treatment when my turn came.

Working with Carl Jung he explained to her that this meant she was ready to give up the habit of “living in her head”; she must learn to free her body to discover its natural sexual response and the fulfilment of its biological role in motherhood. The dream expressed this as the need to make a drastic change.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Where you witnessing the guillotine or on it?

What did you feel during the dream?

Were there feelings about dying?

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