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Each of us has some element of homosexuality in us unconsciously. I find through examining and exploring many dreams that in our psyche we are both male and female, but have been polarized because of our body’s gender. If you undertake a long examination of your dreams and seek to employ what they say, you realise that you are simply consciousness without marked gender.

In young men and women it is often an easier option than facing the many needs and responsibilties of parenthood.

In ones dreams homosexuality may suggest a desire for the father or mother’s love, perhaps because they were not demonstrative. So one was led to crave the love of a man/woman; conflict or anxiety about ones own gender; feelings of sexual inadequacy, or inadequacy in ones own gender. But in some people who have not managed to find a heterosexual partner, or who have been let downby it again and again it could be a way of finding a relationship that works.

Unconscious pain in regard to the opposite sex – this may be rationalised into reasons for being homosexual rather than being experienced and made conscious; depicting an introversion of ones sexual drive. Sometimes, being the receptive partner in the same sex relationship suggests inturned or repressed sexual drive, possibly through trauma, fear or inability to meet a full woman/man’s sexual nature.

Sometimes there is a powerful link here with the mother/father relationship from childhood. For some reason there may have been a disturbance in regard to the need to possess ones mother sexually, and so a self restraint about expressed sexual feelings. Sometimes it also suggests ones father was not a sexually potent male. In other words unsure of himself in regard to women, and perhaps still emotionally dependent. Castration also means you are no longer a threat to anyone, and do not have to face a woman’s or man’s full sexual and emotional needs.

But central to all this is the ability to really integrate both sexes in yourself. Here is a definition.

“Men and women seem to deny their bisexuality even more strongly than they deny their sexuality. This occurs in spite of the obvious admixture of masculinity and femininity they see around them, in spite of the fact that an exclusively masculine or an exclusively feminine personality verges almost inevitably on the neurotic. The demands of reality are so varied and the attributes labeled “masculine” and “feminine” by our culture are so evenly divided that anyone who attempts to function exclusively with one set or the other condemns himself to being half a person. Yet men and women fight recognition all the same. Men fight their fusion with their mothers. They are horrified to realize they have a rather well-defined feminine psychic identity. This element is vestigial in most men, but it is there all the same, and the amount of psychic energy required to down it is enormous. By the same token women all too often reject instead of accepting and absorbing the “masculine” components that are integral to healthy personality

Once the fact of psychic bisexuality is accepted, the overcompensatory binding of personality into the strait jacket of sex role can be relinquished. Men discover that they have repressed all esthetic appreciation and expression because it is characterized by our culture as “feminine.” They may re-establish interest in art, literature, and music, in gardening or cooking. Women find that they have denied their ‘masculine” interests in business, sports, science, government, and mechanics. Re-entering and renovating these long-deserted wings of the psychic estate can provide a fullness and sense of integration lost since childhood.” Quoted from LSD Psychotherapy by W. V. Caldwell.

Example: Hear a recording of a well known recording artist (Tom ***) a homosexual who became straight through facing his unconscious tendencies. RECORDING.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Have I caste myself in an exclusive role as male, female or homosexual?

Can I admit that at base I am both genders?

Have I found freedom?

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-Estelle 2014-11-21 5:40:28

I have partly understood my dream of the empty envelope; the man in the dream wanted me to send the address of a soul-figure to him in the envelope. So it could be a soul connection between myself and him. If … The 2 dreams featuring Ellen De Generes I cannot work out. In last night’s dream we kissed lightly and she asked me to accept Portia too. I do accept my streaks of maybe lesbianism, even though I live and love with men, so what is this dream telling me?

-Muse 2012-02-05 11:49:41

Hello Tony,
I dreamt of going to a co-ed public bathroom stealthily and quickly because I was afraid of people coming in and seeing me. I’ve had dreams of having sex with an alpha male before but never with a woman. In reality, I have stronger feelings toward many women and very few men ever since I was a child. I am very confused and lost in my sexual identity. I am seeking for your help if you may, it will be greatly appreciated.

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