Infect Infected Infection

The influence of other people’s fears, worries, or cynicism upon you. Influence of your own thoughts acting negatively. Fear of being pregnant.

Ideas or thoughts which cause irritability or negative internal states. Thinking ones job is not secure might create disinterest and loss of motivation in work, even if, in reality the job is secure; taking in negative attitudes from others; warning about physical health; sexual impregnation. See: illness; body.

 Your conscious attitudes influence the fundamental living processes in you – processes that maintain health, digest your food, beat your heart, rebuild damage and fight infection. Negative feelings or attitudes can cause these usually unconscious processes in you to lose their strength, and thus lead to illness.

Being the victim of childhood trauma, abuse and the attitudes and standards we often pick up – rather like infections – from others around us, and our culture. When these attitudes enter us it can lead to self criticism, negative comparisons, the denial of ones own talents and ‘light’, and in bad cases, illness.

Hans Selye, the father of stress causing illness found that exposing animals to situations that did not expose them to bacteria or pathogens, but were in cages on a roof and so were stressed, produced all the illnesses – hypertension, strokes, heart attacks, ulcers etc. This finding was revolutionary because scientists previously believed that illnesses were caused by different pathogens. Stress, as a concept, caught on.

 Example: I continually have a dream that I have an earache. The pain in my dream is excruciating, then I wake up and there is no earache. Any ideas? Could I be grinding my teeth to cause this problem. S.

When questioned S said she did have a slight problem with a tooth at the back of her jaw on the same side as the dream toothache. Such tooth problems can lead to ear infections. So they are worth taking notice of, and one should check out ones health in the area.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Is the infection shown as severe?

Have I noticed any pain or discomfort in the infected area?

Do I need to check with a doctor?

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