Depending on what you feel in the dream, the ledge can show feelings or insecurity, risk or danger, as when you are balancing on a ledge and not feeling safe. Or it can be a place of safety or refuge as when you escape from something to the ledge, or find support there after a difficult climb or fall.

If you are standing or sitting on the ledge it suggests an insecure or precarious situation, even though it may give a wider or ‘bird’s eye’ view of things. It can also suggest you are at a place in your life where something that previously was unknown or unfelt, is now available or accessible. There are often feelings of fear or of falling in such dreams. The ledge can represent a difficult situation in your life.

Meeting someone or being with someone on the ledge shows a relationship that is difficult to avoid.

 Example: I had a dream the other night about a cat upon a Tomb, and to pass this poor bedraggled cat you didn’t get much room. You had to walk a narrow ledge high up on a wall and if you looked on either side, you knew that you would fall. I crouched right down with head on knees and grasped a drainpipe tight. I knew right then that I was safe and shouted loud with fright. With shivering fear I called and called but no one seemed to hear. I rubbed my eyes and sat up tall I was so pleased to see there was no Tomb, no ledge at all…. just Moonlight on the bedroom wall.

Example: Dreamt I was sitting high up on the outside ledge of a building. I held some small object in my hand. 

The ledge represents the precarious position you are now in. The past few weeks have been very difficult for you. You begin to feel this period is leaving you. The thing you held was the symbol of wholeness, or the whole. Leaving the ledge means leaving the precarious situation you have been in.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Did I feel fear or difficulty being on the ledge?

Was I able to have a good view of things?

Was I climbing and the ledge was a higher point I climb to?

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