This suggests you are facing some difficulty that you feel is blocking what you want to do, or your freedom of action. The barrier can be external or internal, so you need to consider what it is in your life that is leading to this feeling of obstruction.

Depicts something which causes uncertainty or withdrawal of enthusiasm, creativity or love. Such might be produced by someone’s criticism which evokes our own self doubts; indecision; our own inhibitions or anxieties; maybe even a hidden form of not wanting to succeed because it would confront us with the new – we might fail. The obstacle, obstruction, barrier or interference can be a person, a wall, a river, animal – or it might be an internal thing like paralysis or a lump in the throat. Refer to the entry on the appropriate subject to define what it is acting as an obstacle. See: First example in failure; fence; wall.

Breaking something, or breaking through a wall or obstacle, show you freeing yourself from old habits or restraining influences. Also a fallen bridge might link with a lost opportunity, broken bonds and connections, or broken opportunity or a difficult obstacle. Crossing a river or ditch also represent to an obstacle you are meeting. To jump over something suggests you are making an effort to avoid or overcome an obstacle.

Sometimes a warning of an obstacle can be a warning light, a foghorn or traffic lights on red.

 Example: ‘I have this recurring nightmare. I see my mother standing by my bedroom door, blocking it as if I am being trapped and stopped from getting out. I often call to her ‘Let me out Mum’ but she just stands there staring with no expression on her face at all. I end up getting out of bed and switching my bedroom light on and then she disappears. Sometimes I will see her standing by my wardrobe. It seems as if she is always standing by a door and trying to trap me.’ Natalie S.

Natalie is fourteen and the obstacle she faces in choosing her own clothes – the wardrobe – and making her own decision, is her own dependence upon her mother, and the need to develop a new relationship with her.

 Example: ‘As I was driving along I turned my car over. I wasn’t hurt but could not now get to my destination. I didn’t feel at all upset about the car being damaged.’ Tim K.

The example shows a subtle and self made obstacle, the damaged car. In fact Tim admitted ruining his own work opportunities – the car – because he was frightened of failure.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What obstacles can I remember meeting in life?

In the dreams what type of obstacle was it and how was it dealt with?

How do I deal with obstacles I meet in daily life?

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