Officer Official

Mostly symbolises the part of you in control of a particular area of yourself. Love for a husband and children may act as a controlling factor on desires to have a good time with others, or cover innate laziness. Or fear of being a nobody may direct ambitions and plans. Sometimes represents a feeling of confidence or wholeness that brings authority to guide and direct.

It also associates with any dealing you have with authority, and what this invokes in you. So it might refer to your father in some way. It can therefore show how you ‘authorise’ your own actions, or how you judge them,  our sense of right and wrong; a co-ordinating or directing function in ourselves; a sense of sureness out of wider awareness or experience. It often indicates your relationship with authority or officialdom.

An official can be someone like a teacher or headmaster, a police person, a doctor or any person who may be an authority. We often relate to them in dreams in a positive helpful way, or in a way that takes away our own initiative and will.

 Example: A Nazi officer got out. He looked at me and told me that I was under arrest. I was to report to headquarters. I asked, “Where is it?” He said, “Follow me.” So the kitten and I walked along. He went too fast (the officer), and I lose him. I didn’t know where headquarters was, so I asked directions!! It finally dawned on me that I could escape, that I was being really silly following orders.

Example: In the dream I was attending an adult class with about 20/30 people, mostly men, in it. The teacher came in. He said something and a man asked a question, or spoke back. The teacher got really angry and hit him with a walking stick. Someone else in the class remarked on the beating and was attacked also. A man sitting next to me on my left said that if the teacher hit him he wouldn’t sit and take it. But as the second man was hit my companion said something like – Bloody hell. The teacher landed two mighty blows on his arse, but he didn’t move. I said in horror, “Good God,” whereupon the teacher moved to hit me. I stood up and said, “If you hit me with that thing I will whack you in the fucking ear.” I felt fired up ready to fight. He backed off and threatened to get the headmaster in. I told him to try it. He said if I could do better, do it. So I took over the class and it went really well.

Here the dreamer questions and confronts authority than can do damage to peoples confidence. Many people are told things by authorities that they never question. I have met people who were told that they could not sing and so never ever sang again, or were told they were stupid or couldn’t learn and so gave up. The truth is we each live in a unique world and so see the world in unique ways. In looking at a lake, an artistic child would see its form and colour; a child who had interest in mechanics would see the potential for hydro electrics; a nature lover would see all the places where creatures lived and how to find them.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I always do as I am told by an authority, or do I asses the situation for myself?

Can I learn from someone in charge or have a problem with authority?

What do I feel about officials?

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