We can pour oil on troubled waters; be an oily or slippery sort of person, or be well oiled. The word is sometimes used to mean flattery, unctuousness, cunningness, or working well, removal of friction, argument and disagreement. In the parables it is referred to as resourcefulness, forethought, and as a symbol for the soul.

Attitude which removes friction in oneself or in a relationship; flattery; unctuousness; fat in ones diet. Oil can at times indicate love and its healing effect, or an easing of conflict. Attitudes or feelings that enable you to experience trouble free living.

Oil often used in sacred rites and in dreams it can signify the giving of a blessing or a spiritual gift. See Spirit

 Black oil in your car or a machine shows the problems from the past that lead to the car/machine not functioning well. This arose from the way you lived in the past. So changing or putting in oil shows a move to greater love or positive feelings – better and easier working and the freeing or easing of problems.

Baby oil: Healing words or actions to soothe simple problems or to ease someone’s childlike pain.

Oil the palm: Being bribed or bribing someone.

 Example: A huge furnace of coke is slowly dying out. Oil or fuel is dripping on it, but instead of igniting, it is putting the fire out through insufficient heat. I therefore open the air vent further and this solves the problem and the fire builds up.

The dreamer felt this was about his energy, his fire of life going out. Then through breathing exercises it was put right.

 Example: I was talking to someone, a man, about having changed the oil in my car. The oil was slightly black, but the green still showed. I explained that it would have been even less discoloured, but the previous oil was very dirty/burnt/black, with sediment.

This dream shows you the problems that are causing darkness/pain at present. The oil is that which brings your life to trouble-free running. The changes made in your life are represented by the oil change. The changes are those which cause you to seek love in your life. This is blackened by your past feelings and inability to love. The man is your present state of mind.

Idioms: Well oiled; oil the wheels; strike oil; oil on troubled waters; burn midnight oil.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What was the oil used for in the dream?

And what else was mentioned in the dream, your attitudes?

Am I feeling and depression or painful emotions that the oil of love might help?

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