Pack Packed Packing

It would be worthwhile wondering when you last packed your bags or house, and what you felt. The dream probably looks back at those feelings.

Packing can connect with leaving home, becoming independent or being rejected, It can associate with holiday feelings, and so a sense of ease. It can also link with making changes or wanting to change. Packing somebody else’s bags might therefore either mean you want to get rid of them, or you want them to go away with you.

It can also be a way to get rid of someone, packing their things and telling them to leave. This can often involve feelings of abandonment.

Already packed case: Readiness to meet change or to go on a journey – to meet experiences that promote learning and growth..

Can’t pack in time: Anxiety about details; feeling unready for change.

Packing up or packing away: it may be that you are trying to get too many, or too few, activities into your day

Packing and wondering what to take: Decisions about what stance or attitudes are suitable to meet present situation or change. I can mean you sense of an end in sight, also you might be trying to become more independent.

Packing bags: Suggest you are planning to go somewhere or make a change. Wanting to get away or making changes or a journey. Putting things in order and sorting out what  needs to be done. Or an indication of putting one’s life in order.

Packing a bag might: Be putting something might be reluctance to face up to a problem or situation. It sometimes suggest the womb or sexual intercourse.

Example: ‘I am packing for a holiday, surrounded by a lovely selection of all sorts of clothes. I am matching outfits, shoes, scarves, handbags to match. It gives me great pleasure. I am wearing an old navy blue dress which is too short for me. So short I feel panic because there will not be enough time to change. I am now on the top deck of a bus. I have one battered suitcase and am wearing the same dress, trying vainly to pull it down over my knees. Suitcase bursts open and it is full of old clothes fit for a jumble sale.’ Valerie H.  

Idioms: Pack off; pack up; send somebody packing; pack ones bags.


Useful Questions and Hints:

What is my motive or feeling behind packing?

Do I have a plan to get away?

What is important that I am packing?

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