A symbol the unconscious would use to represent overcoming the fear of falling. It therefore suggests a feeling, thought or technique you use to deal with anxieties. If you are descending with a parachute, it could mean you are coming to a more practical stance after flying high. See: Fall.

Depicts whatever life skill one uses to deal with anxiety about failing or falling; achieving a more down to earth practical attitude after flying high, or retreating into flights of fancy.

If the fall is under control as a parachute descent, it shows a shift in your attitude, a coming down to earth from a too lofty stance – or sometimes sexual surrender. It could also mean depending on context, “Bail out”.

 Example: I was sitting on a very high flagpole. I began to topple over for I lost my balance. A man on the ground shouted, `Use your parachute!’ I had none and so fell to the ground and died.” The parachute symbolized the advice, “Slow down!”


Useful Questions and Hints:

Does my dream represent overcoming fear of falling, failing, or heights?

Did I feel that I was facing pain or even death?

Did I land safely of fall badly?

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